Best Chew Toys For Puppies & Dog 2016

Best chew toys for puppies and best chew toys for an older dog would be a different thing. Let me give you an example, let’s Best chew toys for puppiessay the puppy is 8 weeks of age compared to older dogs 1-year-old. when you give him the Big size ball as a toy for your puppy, he might be afraid it will not even touch it because the ball is larger than his size. but, if you give it to an older dog that he can play ball or he could bark, trying to bite the ball, or kicking the ball.

Most dog owners will buy toys for their furry babies, but whether the toy is suitable for your puppy? Wrong selection dog toys may cause injury to your dog. We all know that every puppy has chewing behavior! Yes, that’s true. everything is visible and can be reached he would take to chew.

However, this is just a simple case and not every puppy or an older dog would be doing the same reaction. what I mean to give the right toys for your dogs is important! Then, how to pick the best and safest for your puppies?


Best chew toys for puppies
What should you consider or what factor should think about it if you want to give the best chew toys for puppies or older dogs? Check out our tips about what factors commonly dog parents considering when they want to give the best and safest toys for their fido :



  • Best Chew toys for puppies as same as for teething puppy.

For a puppy, you need to provide toys that serve to help strengthen his gums and teeth. You need to know, past the age of 5 – 6 weeks is a period of puppy teeth have coming in, and the age 12 – 16 is a period that his teeth start to shed and permanent adult teeth emerge, source

As we know, some breeders will sell puppies from the age of 8 weeks so if you adopt a puppy in this age, it’s time period for puppy began chewing on things because he felt gum uncomfortable, and the desire to bite and chew. So, as a new furbaby parent, you have to choose the right toys

  • Dog Toys sizes

Need to remember to always give him a toy-size as your puppy size, not bigger, it would be frightening him. if you give a toy with a size larger than his body instead he will be afraid, sometimes it will be a bad problem like an accident occurred to him.

  • What material of dog toys?

Dog toys should be strong and sturdy, the material can be made of sturdy nylon or hard rubber, so it will not crack easily and get swallowed by your dog. Imagine if a sharp object like a toy cracked fragments swallowed by your dog, it can cause accidents to him or the worst thing that could happen to surgery. we certainly do not want this thing happens!

  • How many dog toys ?

How many toys can be given? Can I buy it one toy alone or need a lot? The answer depends on you, but my advice is to give 2 or 3 kinds of toys to train his small teeth in chewing, and also you can replace with others kind of toys.

You can try to replace his toys by rotating every week so as to prevent boredom, and the best way is that you play with him, interact with your puppy so that your relationship stronger. For example, you can play games like hiding and seek to train him in physical activity also increases intelligence

  • What model of dog toys for puppy ?

A puppy just like a baby, they will find all the toys and then they will choose what he likes, not everything will be a favorite toy for him. Try to analyze the behavior and you will know which one is the favorite toy for him.

Some puppies more like the kind of dog toys such as; balls, ropes, bones, or anything that can go into his little mouth and of course can be chewed, barked, ripping, and he played at his will

  • Why do dogs like the sound of squeaky toys?

It’s very fun, also referred to as the interaction dog toy. Most dogs love it. their instinct to scratch, bite, or chew to figure out where the squeaking sound. However, if you give this toy, you have to keep an eye on when fido you play. some puppies can dig and bite out-pitched voice, you should be careful it could be a choking hazard and are very capable of causing death

However, if you give this toy, you have to keep an eye on when your puppy playing that. some puppies can dig and bite out the squeaky sound, So, you should be careful if it swallowed, it could be a choking hazard and can causing death

  • Why do dogs shake their head when they play?

This means that your puppy likes to play toys. It is as same as when he was wagging the tail. they want to show us how they are in a good mood and very happy.

Puppy loves to shake his head to show them how their emotions are in a good mood to play and he wants to try to crack the toys by shaking his head and bitten hard intended to be torn

TOP 5 Best Chew Toys for puppies we recommended (WOW, It’s all under $20) :


best chew toys for puppies

BONEBONE made with a patented design with 3 forms the base of the bone with material from a very sturdy nylon and blended with the aroma of bacon strong certainly well-liked by puppies. Made in the USA, and most suitable for dogs weighing under 70 pounds.

Keep in mind, though this toy is patent and made from the material that is very strong, but if you look any signs such as cracks or scratches by the teeth that are too deep should immediately replace it with a new one.

  — more detail on Amazon

best chew toys for puppiesDURABLE ROPE TOY , this is one of the best chew toys for puppies as a rope with rounded edges like a ball and a handle on the other end can make you interact with your dog, You can play with your puppy and let him bite the ball while you are holding the hand strap. This toy has a very strong rope material even for the aggressive dog chewed.

have you ever seen a pit bull jump to bite the ball tied to a tree and hanging with his teeth while holding his weight ?

 — more detail on Amazon

although your puppy will not bite and hanging with his teeth like that pit bull, but you can interact with your dog by playing “trying to catch the rope“. Your dog will be happier if he could play and interaction with you. Your pup will try to catch, jump and bite the rope while you pull the rope to avoid get captured, all just for fun.

best chew toys for puppies

KONG, These interactive dog toys are very interesting to watch with all members of the family. when your puppy tried to remove the puppy treats with his claws, nose, and mouth. This is a good toy to make your puppy physical more healthy. and increasing IQ intelligence  of your puppy.

Made in the USA and FDA food-approved, high-quality plastic material, but, make sure you tighten the top when you give these toys in your puppy because it is easy to twist to open and adding the treats. This is the best chew toys for puppies that are favored and the right choice to be recommended

  — more detail on Amazon

best chew toys for puppies

KONG SQUAKEY DOG TOY included as soft dog toys, although they had strong material with layered material but because it is the kind of soft dog toys product, we recommend to keep an eye on when you give this toy on your puppy.

With this toy squeaky sounds, your puppy will be interested to dig deeper in the search for the sound and tried out, very interesting for your puppy, as well as eliminate boredom and provide physical activity is good for your puppy.

 — more detail on Amazon

best chew toys for puppies

CHUCK IT Rubber ball with a size of 2.5 inches, it is preferable to play throw and catch with your dog, but because of the dog’s jaws were small they usually chase and catch the ball with his claws.

made from strong rubber it’s also very good to play in the pool or water, floating ball, as well as to train your dog to be brave to plunge into the water, but off course, you need to supervise in using this toy.

  — more detail on Amazon



The best advice is to always accompany and play with your pups. However, you should know that dogs are interactive and social creatures, they love to interact with people. Do not leave your puppy alone when he is playing, and do not leave toys in the nearby unattended, especially toys that might can cause an accident.

If you need to provide toys for your dog, then give at least 2 or 3 kinds of products on top so he can choose which is the most favorite toys for him, or if you have lots of ideas for making toys for your dog, why not DIY so you can brainstorm, design and certainly give the best chew toys for puppies.

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