Best Dog Training Collar for The Money

Best dog training collar for your beloved dog , is it helpful or it’s painful? Some people say there are many benefits to using a dog collar to train your fido, but some of them don’t like to use it.

For that reason, we do some research and collect a lot of data and important info to help you and for dog lovers to get the right information and what the benefits of using a dog training collar.

The main objective to use a dog collar is a correction of unacceptable behavior from your dog. But, there are so many kinds of dog training collar product, even offers the same features. So, how to find the best dog training collar is right and appropriate for your beloved dog?

In this article, you can find the answers from our recommended products, and guidance on how to choose a good and suitable collar for your dog.

What is The Best Dog Training Collar & How It Works ?

What is dog training collars ? it’s a kind of necklace tied around the neck of a dog that aims to train or correct unwanted dog behavior.

In some cases, there is a stubborn dog and often badly behaved like; barking, jumping on people, even growling. It can interfere with people nearby and uncomfortable around him. To overcome it you can use dog training collars to correct / control the behavior of your dog

The purpose of using a dog training collar is to correct any deviant actions, attitudes and the bad behavior of your dogs, in order to become a dog obedient and disciplined. But keep in mind the purpose of using a dog collar is not as punishment! But, there are so many people using dog collar for the purpose of punishing his dog.

Some of the Best dog training collar on the market is equipped with features automated program, a feature that can detect if within 50 seconds of your dog barks 10 times, then it will stimulate with a static electricity to startle your dog.


Benefits of using the best dog training collar :

  • Stop Barking

Prevent dogs barking when he met other people or other animals. as an example, imagine that you’re walking in the park, when you met the other person then your dog barking directly to him, it’s a bad behavior and very disturbing.

  • Stop Jumping on other people

Your dog jumps when he met someone else, even if that means he just wants to play or he wanted to hit the man, this is a bad behavior needs to be corrected

  • Keep your dog calm in any situation

Maybe your dog anxious when meeting with other people, or he attempted protective when there are other dogs or vehicles passing near him so he barked

  • Don’t let your dog chew anything

Stop your dog chewing all objects around your house, especially for puppies chewing is a habit for him.

  • Fast result

Quick results mean he was surprised by electric stimulation then he would lose focus on his bad behavior and immediately stop doing it, it means a good correction in dog training

  • As Assistant to train your dog

Automated programs can help you to assist training your dog behavior


Bad Thing Using Dog Training Collar :

      X    Irritation

Irritation caused by several factors, but the two main factors the most important is if the restraining strap or belt loose, causing friction on the skin of the dog’s neck, or products that are not qualified to make the skin on the neck of the dog susceptible to irritation.

      X    Shocking / Trauma

Shock and trauma because you set the electric shock level is too high, it can make your dog have other bad behavior such as becoming quiet and do not want to interact with others and even he was reluctant to answer your call

      X    Misinterpreting the behavior

Misinterpret the behavior of the guess that she change the bad behavior to become more calm and well-behaved, or it turns out he was silent because of fear but you still give him a treat, it would make him think that if she be quiet and then you will love her. It’s not good for your dog’s mood and this factor can usually reduce the lifetime of your dog



How It’s Work

Generally, the collar is connected to a belt that is attached to the dog’s neck, placing it in front of the dog’s neck, its function detects the vibration of the skin on the dog’s neck resulting from the vocal cords or the dog barks.

So the instrument will issue some sort of static electricity to startle your dog. Static level can be set according to the program mode that we choose, or you can set it up manually

There are several kinds of programs and stimulation modes are being featured on every dog collar usually there are 4 kinds of stimulation modes you can choose ; lights, sound, vibrate, and electric.


Should I buy the Best Dog Training Collar ?

Why must buy the best dog training collar ? The reason is simple, the bad product with a bad quality will make your dog Irritation, trauma or shock. for example, products with low price and a lower quality sometimes the remote buttons are often jammed, imagine if you use the manual mode that provides stimulation for your dog, but the key jammed and stays on,

The bad design and low product quality can hurt your dog, this happens when the rubber belt on the neck of a dog less fit or loose, causing friction in the skin so irritating.

when it can be used and not used

You can use it when you think your dog really need to train with this best dog training collar. As stated above the purpose of using a dog collar is correction the attitude and bad behavior from your dog.

Do not use if rash, redness or sores are found, discontinue use until the skin has completely healed.

You can try using light and sound mode to train your dog, but if he does not obey the command, you can try to vibrate, and if your dog remains stubbornly do corrections behavior by electric shock level 1, gradually until he changed his behavior

If he stops barking means it is the correct level for your dog. Over time, he will be aware of the electric stimulation that makes trained to improve his behavior. Analyze the behavior of your dog, you can reduce the level of stimulation if he behaves better until it finally ceased to use this method of training collar



First of all, why do we only give five product recommendation? The reason is that you can better focus on selecting the best of the best products suitable for your dog. Too many choices of products to be compared will make it difficult to determine which one is best, and most appropriate for your dog.

Then, what is the best Dog Training Collar for The Money?Choosing the right product and high quality does not mean to be expensive. The most important thing is the purpose of its use in training a dog to be able to have a good behavior as you wish.

But, remember! Do not use dog training collar as a punishment, but it should be safe, effective, and humane. From our surveys and research, we took five most products are best in quality, features, and Excellent value for the money :




best dog training collarbest dog training collarPETTECH Dog Training Collar with ‘Lifetime Replacement Guarantee “, is the best seller product on the market. What interesting is 100% money back guarantee, it said that  “If you ever have any issue with your training collar the Manufacturer will Provide a full Replacement or Refund! ” This is the best guarantee for customer satisfaction.

An interesting experience to train your dog with PETTECH dog training collar, Quick results even for stubborn dogs.

Various of training program mode you can choose such as ;  light, sound, vibrate, even electric shock that you can adjust the level of stimulation from 0 -100.

Most people are satisfied with the products and they only use the lamp mode, voice, and vibrate is quite able to train your dog properly. So, find your dog training experience along with the PETTECH training methods. It’s fun and easy to do!

What we Like :

  • Excellent Value (under $50)
  • Best Seller
  • Up to 2 Collar
  • 100 % Money back Guarantee
  • 1200 ft range
  • Auto power Protect to conserve battery life

What we don’t Like :

  • Materials of plastic
  • Shock electric level is more harness than others
  • Not suitable for Small Breed

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best dog training collar

best dog training collarbest dog training collarETEKSTORM Dog Training Collar is a tool to train the attitudes and behavior of the dog using the remote to control the level of stimulation within 330 yards.

ETEKSTORM is one of the best dog training collar, it comes with four training modes; light, sound, vibration, and electrical shocking.

For vibrating level and electrical shock level, you can adjust the level from 0 to 100. Try to use a beep and vibrate mode, but if necessary you can use the electric shocking mode gradually from level one until you found the most appropriate level for your dog


What we Like :

  • Good Value for the money (under $50)
  • Easy to use
  • Fast result correction
  • 3 years Warranty + 30 days money back guarantee
  • Only a second to turn on the remote
  • Pet ID Tags -Bonus

What we don’t Like :

  • Only use for 1 Dog (one Dog Training Collar)
  • LED light is very Dim
  • Not fit for small breed under 15 lbs (although already set the most stringent it still loose.)

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best dog training collarbest dog training collarNo need to hire an expert while you can train your dog. You can teach your dog by combining methods of command and K9Konnection.

Dog training collar is the proper training to get quick results. easy to use, and the LCD with blue light black important to use at night while you are still practicing.

30 days warranty, somewhat it less attracted attention, because of another competitor provide 1 years warranty or 3 years or even a lifetime warranty for customer satisfaction.

Belt width design somewhat thinner, it causing less precision in tightening the belt around the dog’s neck, sometimes too narrow, or even become loose.


What we Like :

  • Good Value
  • Up to 2 Collars
  • Blue Backlit LCD for day & Night
  • No worries if swim in the sea (waterproof)

What we don’t Like :

  • Belt width size is narrow
  • Not suitable for small breed
  • Only 30 Days Guarantee

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best dog training collarbest dog training collarPetrainer rechargeable and rainproof is a remote dog training collar, has 4 modes such as light, sound, vibration and electric shock. It’s equipped with two dog training collars that you can control with a remote.

Power saving feature can help to extend the battery life automatically when not activated. White stenciling on buttons against a blue background for dim light conditions. The blue LCD design can be used at day and night, also has a waterproof function when the weather is rainy.

It has 300 identity code programmed into the device, so it is safe to use in order to prevent conflict if there is a similar dog training tool.

What we Like :

  • Great Value (under $50)
  • Easy to use
  • Quick pairing process
  • Durable Nylon Belt
  • 2 collars
  • Rechargeable battery (remote & Collar)

What we don’t Like :

  • Range only 330 yards
  • Rainproof not waterproof
  • The electric shock little harsh for small dog

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best dog training collarbest dog training collarSportdog training collar is suitable for those of you who are obsessed with hunting and invites your dogs to participate. Sportdog SD-425 is the best dog training collar although designed for those of you who have an obsession hunting but also can be used to train your dog at home, you can control up to 3 dogs with 1 remote in your hand.

This tool has a range of 500 yards, it takes when you hunt and your dog need a little away from your view. The batteries are made with excellent quality can last up to 50 to 70 hours per charge.

Sportdog SD-425 is waterproof design and submersible to 25 feet, so you need not worry if your dog must swim to the water.

What we Like :

  • Great Tools for hunt with your dog
  • waterproof and submersible to 25 feet
  • Outstanding Battery Life
  • Improvement design, light, and compact from previous
  • Manual book + DVD

What we don’t Like :

  • More expensive than competitor (above $100)
  • Correction level only 7
  • Must buy another Collar (remote control up to 3 collars)

More Detail On  AMAZON


From the 5 best dog training collar above and the detail specifications of those five products that we recommend, you can choose the most suitable product for your dog. Above are best sellers product and has many positive reviews and recommendations from its users.

However, we provide a number of factors that you should consider and also we provide tips and buying guides to help you to choose the product are best suited for your dog :


Range for the remote use

It’s important factors if you have a large area like a backyard or if you want him to play freely in the park and let him go without a leash in a radius of several meters (preferably at least within a radius of 300 yards) to remain visible from your reach

Rechargeable or replaceable batteries

Currently, most dog training collars use rechargeable batteries, but there is still using a replaceable battery. We advise you to choose a dog training collar with a rechargeable battery for the collar, while the remote is optional because, if you mostly use the automatic program mode feature, of course, the remote that will be rarely used, so it is more efficient in battery consumption


lifetime warranty is the best choice, but most manufacturers provide with 1-year warranty.

Long / short probes and correct remote collar fit

Thin hairless dog breed is usually not necessary to use the long belt , but you must consider the width of the belt and the materials used, so as not to disturb or irritate the dog skin

Pay attention to the length of rope or belt to fit on your dog’s neck circumference, the size of the dog are different you should first carefully and measure the circumference of your dog’s neck

Multiple dog collar

You have to estimate how many dogs do you have? Some products offer the features to connect with 2 or 3 dog training collar with different colors as a determinant for correction.

Continuous vs momentary stimulation

Generally, dog collar product today is mostly already equipped with this feature. But, there are several products on the market that do not even have this kind of program features. We further recommend choosing products that have this feature, because the program is very useful for training dogs.

Need more products about best dog training collar to compare?Find out HERE

Use collar correctly, which means you wear a dog collar in accordance with the instructions, and the important thing is not to hurt your dog. The right use of a dog Collar is not too tight and not too loose. Too Tight will not be comfortable and it can injure the skin of your dog’s neck. if it is too loose, it may fail function and the dog obedience training is not going well.

best dog training collar


The purpose of using dog training collar is to train the attitude, to correct improper behavior and to control the dog to obey your commands, it can not be used as a leash or necklace because it does not fit. avoid the use of the collar for more than 12 hours each day. dog obedience training using collar is highly efficient, easy to use, quick results, so you can control your dog’s behavior well. This is very useful even for stubborn dogs.


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