The Best Puppy Shampoo all breed reviews 2016

Best puppy shampoo is a type of shampoo that is right and proper for puppies with special skin. Especially for puppies younger than 12 weeks has a soft, delicate and sensitive skin, not all kinds of shampoos have the right ingredients for your puppy.

Shampoo for puppies is a special shampoo, It’s because puppy skin is more sensitive than the human skin, and also you need to concern the age of your pup. Puppy shampoo in the market are usually

dedicated to puppies at 8 weeks and above. Puppy shampoo should contain the pH balance level above 7, which means more alkaline than human shampoo with pH<7 more acidic.

According to petMd Puppy shampoo should contain the pH balance level above 7, which means more alkaline than human shampoo with pH<7 more acidic.

We recommend 5 types of shampoo is best suited for your puppy. Based on our thorough research we conclude that the best puppy shampoo should be soft, fragrant, organic, safely and naturally, and the important thing is tearless on eyes.

Check Out our 5 Best Puppy Shampoo recommendation ;

  1. The best puppy shampoo for dry skin , OSTER
  2. The best puppy shampoo for soft smell, and preventing odor,  EARTHBATH
  3. The best puppy shampoo for fresh and skin protection,  WAHL 
  4. The best puppy shampoo for sensitive skin and allergic,  HYPOALLERGENIC
  5. The best puppy shampoo for  flea , tick, and lice, ADAM FLEA & TICK


best puppy shampoo

OSTER Oatmeal Natural Puppy Shampoo

OSTER Oatmeal Natural Puppy Shampoo  is one of the best sellers of puppy shampoo. Want to make bath time more fun? shampooing your puppy would be fun and enjoyable with this gentle puppy shampoo.

Product made with a high quality of natural ingredients, oatmeal, and wholesome ingredients. it’s Safely for your puppy, does not sting or burn if exposed to puppy eyes

Manufactured in the USA , quality ingredients formulated with wheat proteins, extract of rosemary, and humectants for skin health. In contrast to other dog shampoo surfactant with a high level make the fragrance last longer.

100% alcohol-free, natural, and free of dye, with the fragrance and freshness of baby powder like bathing your puppy like a baby. served to soften the bristles, strengthens hair roots , and keep the skin from drying, makes your furbaby from itching

However, although it’s not completely eradicated ticks and fleas thoroughly, but Oster Oatmeal Natural Puppy Shampoo is recommended as the best product for regular use and safe for your puppy skin and coat.

Pros :

  • Made in USA
  • Great value, the most economical price
  • Natural ingredients with no chemicals that are safer for the skin
  • 100% free of alcohol, dyes, parabens,
  • Soft & Fresh baby powder scent

Cons :

  • Not cleaning thoroughly for fleas and ticks
  • unlike the material is highly liquid gel


best puppy shampoo


A special shampoo for puppies with an ultra soft material, natural and lots of options granted and aroma of each shampoo that is different. Best puppy shampoo with soap-free, safe and comfortable NO: DEA, parabens, phosphates, synthetic dyes, or perfumes and biodegradable waste meaning of these shampoos can decompose back so it’s very safe for your puppy and nature, especially for puppies with sensitive skin

This is one of the best puppy shampoo that is useful to relieve the infected skin, especially for itchy skin, It safe for your puppy, using organic and natural ingredients based on purified water, coconut cleanser, aloe vera, and olive oil to keep your puppy coat and skin fresh either health and fragrant but some people don’t like the strong almond or cherry smell pungent can make you uncomfortable when bathing your puppy.

Pros :

  • Good for value,
  • 100% Natural and Organic ingredients,
  • Relieves ; itchy skin, dander, and it treats a specific health issue like fungus or eczema
  • NO: DEA, parabens, phosphates, synthetic dyes, or perfumes.

Cons :

  • Pungent smell
  • Not cleaning thoroughly for germs and ticks


best puppy shampoo WAHL 100% Natural Pet Shampoo

is a gentle formula with the basic ingredients of cornflower and aloe that serve to soften your puppy fur while repairing damaged skin itching due to dry skin or fleas. Safe for your puppy, because the basic ingredients are from nature, and also not a painful in the eye that allows you to bathing your puppy safely.

Wahl shampoos are PEG-80 free, not suitable for human skin, and good for your puppy soft skin and coat. Right shampoo for dog owners who want to avoid shampoos made from chemical and contains no detergents, and easy to clean with many variant choices , but Wahl gave special attention is for puppies shampoo

Pros :

  • Good value with high-quality product
  • Natural and organic ingredients with soft smell of cornflower
  • safe (non-Chemical Shampoo) and tearless shampoo
  • 24 oz, means bigger than competitor
  • Easy to rinse

Cons :

  • Don’t kill flea, tick, lice or Germs as well
  • Odor Control doesn’t last long



The formula is epi-sensitive and hypo-allergenic. Ingredients are simple and safe for your puppies : Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Rosemary and Honey Extract fragrance.

One of the best puppy shampoo made in USA, with the best quality fabric manufacturer, contains Aloe vera, a moisturizer that softens the bristles of your puppy, with chamomile contained in its composition materials to improve texture biscuits and elasticity, as well as extracts of rosemary honey to soften and give the fresh scent of the shampoo so that you are also comfortable when bathing your puppy.

Tear eyes free when exposed to the eye. Hypoallergenic Shampoo is also suitable for repairing wounds from dog fleas infection, sensitive skin, and other damaged areas. The proper use helps keep your dog’s skin free from itching, rashes, dandruff, stains and other dermatological conditions. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, The products are created with care in an FDA registered, GMP certified facility located in the USA.

Pros :

  • Great value
  • Organic and Natural ingredients,
  • Clean well the epidermis top layer of the skin
  • Protect against itchiness, dandruff, and irritation
  • No toxic chemical or allergen ingredients

Cons :

  • Only fixing damage of the top layer skin
  • Not for flea and tick


best puppy shampoo


ADAM Puppy Plus Flea and Tick Shampoo is one of the best puppy shampoo to eradicate all types of flea or tick. Maintain and protect the skin of your puppy up to 28 days in advance, even up to eradicate lice eggs.

This is the kind of shampoo concentrate enriched with natural ingredients such as oatmeal, coconut extract, lanolin and aloe vera. make your puppies skin stay healthy clean and well maintained. also eliminates loose dandruff, dirt or scales. It’s Suitable for the skin of puppies, cats or adult dogs are older than one year.

Pros :

  • Kill fleas, tick, even flea larvae
  • Provide protection 28 days of control pre-adult fleas
  • Can use for puppies, cat, kitten or an Adult dog

Cons :

  • Medicated Shampoo, for sensitive puppy skin it can be irritating,
  • Harmful for sensitive puppy skin


1PRODUCTbest puppy shampoobest puppy shampoobest puppy shampoobest puppy shampoobest puppy shampoo
4Percent Natural100%100%100%100%Not 100% Organic
5FunctionFor smelling, good for thin or thick fur puppy, protect top layer skin, prevent itchiness, irritationGreat for smelling puppy, keep your puppy skin Dry and fresh, protect natural oil of puppy skin.For fresh and fluffy skin, easy to rinse, keep your puppy skin fresh and softProtect against itchiness, irritation, loose dandruff skin, for sensitive and allergenic skin.Kill flea and tick, even flea eggs and larvae. Protection 28 day of control of pre-adult flea
6Size / Weight18oz / 1.3 pounds16 / 1.2 pounds24 oz / 1.7 Pounds12 oz / 1.1 pounds14.1 oz / 1.1 pounds
7ScentFresh baby powderbaby-fresh cherry essencecornflower + AloeRosemarry scentfresh scent
10Biodegradeable YES YES YES YES YES


Choosing the right type of best puppy shampoo should not be arbitrary, as already stated above, the age of the puppy should be more than 3 month or minimum age of puppy is 8 weeks old.

When choosing a shampoo for puppies, read the materials used and the features or functions that are given a thorough and detailed. Here are other factors that you should consider before buying the best dog shampoo :

  • The Skin pH Level shampoo, should be contained properties of alkaline, as a guideline you can determine a dog shampoo that has a pH level above 7, because the pH of human skin are in the range of 5.2 to 6.2, while the dog’s skin is above the level of 7.0 means shampoo for dogs more containing alkaline than acidity , Although there is no proof that the use human shampoo on a dog can cause skin irritation, but according to his needs, the functions of the human shampoo can not clean the dog skin and coat thoroughly. Due to different needs.
  • Biodegradable, Which means that waste or residue of the shampoo can be recycled back, so it is safe and does not become toxic waste such as chemicals.
  • 100% Natural Shampoo, means the content of the product or most of the ingredients is basically made of something organic or natural.
  • Color , Scent, and Smell, Smelling shampoo for puppies are great, but thing you should avoid is color and scent, for a sensitive puppy skin it can irritating and get dry skin or allergic
  • Packaging, Something we don’t get focus is packaging, but this simple thing is very important. it’s better if the packaging is sturdy enough and the cap not loose
  • Medicated Shampoo or Not, Medicated shampoo means is specially formulated to simultaneously cleanse skin diseases such as mites, fungus , dander or other skin diseases, or more precisely for the treatment of infected skin hair , generally uses chemicals to be more effectively eradicate the disease / germs. While non-medicated means that the shampoo is made by organic ingredients with the purpose to maintains softness to the hair or keep shiny hair
  • PRICE, as the most sensitive and important thing people would consider is Money. but the important thing is your mindset about the value of the product, not the Price or money.

FAQ – Frequently Ask Question :

  • Which one is the best puppy shampoo ?

From the top 5 of the best puppy shampoo above, we prefer to choose Earthbath puppy shampoo, which has high-quality products, protect your delicate puppy skin, made from organic, free from chemicals and most importantly it’s tearless shampoo, which reduces your worries if you got an accident when shampooing your puppy

  • What type of puppy shampoo is effective for my delicate puppy skin?

Depends on your puppy needed, please read the label of the product carefully before purchasing puppy shampoo. find out which one is the appropriate shampoo for your puppy.

  • Is it okay to use baby shampoo on my puppy?

DO Not Use Human or Baby Shampoo. Although there is no evidence about harmful or cause of irritation to puppy skin, but human shampoo would not clean well your puppy skin and coats, better use the right type, mild and gentle puppy shampoo for regular use

  • What is the Best Puppy Shampoo for Dry Skin?

For puppy dry skin , OSTER Oatmeal Natural puppy shampoo might be the right choice. it has a high-quality Oatmeal, wheat protein and wholesome natural ingredients to prevent the dry skin of your dog and give protection of natural oils on your puppy skin and repair the damaged of top layer skin.

  • What is the Best Puppy Shampoo for Oily Skin?

Contrary from shampoo above, to keep the fur , skin, and coat stays dry and light but also to protect the natural oils on your puppy skin, we prefer to choose WAHL puppy shampoo which can give your dog’s coat and skin stays soft, fresh and clean with natural smell of cornflower

  • What is the Best Puppy Shampoo for Odor?

The best smelling shampoo for a puppy we prefer to choose the product from AFTERBATH, this puppy shampoo is specifically to keep your puppy fresh and keep fragrant with the natural smell of cherry, oatmeal , or almond. keep your puppy fur fresh and light and easily to combed.

  • What is the Best Puppy Shampoo for itchy?

Itchy skin can make your puppy stress either you are, we recommend choosing Hypo Allergenic puppy shampoo to repairs the top layers of your puppy skin due to scratching caused by itching. The products are safe for your puppy skin because it is made from natural and organic ingredients, prevent dry skin, dandruff or irritation.

  • Should I use Conditioner or buy shampoo with conditioner?

If your puppy has a thick and fluffy coat, you can choose to give conditioner after bathing your puppy, to keep your puppy fur more fluffy and easy to comb, also conditioner can help to strengthen root of puppy fur


Determining what is the best puppy shampoo, and the most appropriate one need to be careful and detail! Because a puppy has a smooth skin that is very soft and sensitive. if you choose the wrong type of shampoo, it would be a bad result for your puppy such as itching, dry skin, allergies and even can burn and harm to your dog’s skin. Make sure your puppy is ready to shampooing, which means his age is already more than 8 weeks, never bathe your dog too often without first consulting with a veterinarian, it is recommended to bathe once a month for a normal dog skin. Always detail by reading the label to choose the appropriate best puppy shampoo for your beloved puppy. commonly people love to buy an ultra mild shampoo to treat the skin, coat and can make puppy coat looks bright and shiny.

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