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Can you crate train an older dog

Can you crate train an older dog that you just saved or you just adopt? within the meaning of these dogs have become an adult when you get it. These dogs have lived this long and never knew anything about such crate training, obedience or discipline, potty training, exercise

As a reference, you can learn how to train the dog to crate training in this post ‘how dog training kennel’. Crate training an adult dog is basically a technique that is not so different with crate training a puppy. But, the level of intelligence and behavior of every dog is different. Remember, The main purpose of dog training is to control your dog’s emotions and control his behavior in order to make your dog remain calm. So that you become a leader for him and control his behavior through training in accordance with the instructions that you give.

Puppy Vs Adult dog

A difference of age means different ways to training dog, but what will we practice essentially the same. However, because many sources say that the best dog training started since he was a puppy with the age of 8 weeks ideally. A puppy will be more easily trained than adult dogs that have not been trained at all.

Puppy will be more easily trained in line with its growth. At this age, the puppy has a curiosity and has a big sense of “want to know everything” than an adult dog. Also, puppies are not so stubborn as compared to adult dogs that have not been trained. This is mainly possible because an adult dog who has lived without a coffin. It would be a little more difficult to start introducing crate training for adult dogs. So, can you crate train an adult dog? yes, it certainly can be done

Can you Crate train an adult dogs who have not been trained

1. Basic training

To train a dog that has grown but has not been trained crate training may be slightly longer and more patient. Adult dogs ideally they should know and have trained with some training such as Crate training, obedience, Potty train. Additionally, you must know the fundamentals of leadership for your dog to show him in; rules, boundaries, and limitations, all of this is necessary for a balanced dog.

You are the leader, so do not let him think otherwise. Show him the attitude that you are the one who guides and directs. always control his attitudes and behavior to remain calm in any situation.

2. Keep it stay Calm

Teach your dog simple commands to sit, lie down, and roll over and remain calm it is the beginning of training to help your dog to control his emotions. as already stated above, it took a little longer to teach him but with consistent, he will be trained well

3. Introducing his crate

At this step, we just Introduce a new home for him. Get him to look at his new home comfortable and secure in the form of a chest that contains a bed, blankets, and toys for him. You can combine it with exercise pen or fence.

The best choice is to use the fence to restrict it out of its territory. You can also use the pen combined with placing the crate inside so that he could rest in his house, playing with his toys, or he can get out of the crate for a drink or whenever he had to pee but is still limited in the pen. This will keep him safe while he was alone in the house.

4. Put the right stuff in Crate
Determine the area for your dog to understand where is the place to eat, drink, or if he had to pee or poop. put toys and a warm blanket in the crate and also the food bowl so that he can play more comfortable and often stay in the crate. And, place the water bowl is outside the crate or will overwhelm the bed mattress if you put it in a crate.
Provide a special place for him to urinate but are located rather far from where he slept. Typically, you can put with a newspaper in that area and it easier for you to throw it.
5. Attract your dog
Attract the attention of your dog by putting a full bowl of food in his crate, but before he got the trophy that you have to train him to sit down and stay calm, then waiting for your command to allowed him to get his food
6. Consistent exercise

Not only puppy who can cry and whine in the middle of the night, sometimes an older dog with separation anxiety can have this problem too. we give you same tips as to train the puppy at night. Keep a regular schedule for a walk in the afternoon with your dog, give him a bit of exercise like running or maybe you can play Frisbie or throw a ball in the park to drain the excess energy. the aim is that your dog can sleep well at night.

Can you crate train an older dog with separation anxiety

In some cases, an older dog has separation anxiety that occurs when he is afraid of being alone. Also occurs in puppy that usually has parted with its parent anxiety. Then, can you crate train an older dog with separation anxiety by yourself? yes, it can be done but, a dog with separation anxiety will need to spend more attention and time to train. You should first improve his confidence with the proper training. My suggestion, to save time and money you can hire an expert trainer


Can you crate train an older dog? definitely it can doable. even if he has separation anxiety. But it takes more time, attention and proper training. You can perform simple tips above to help you train your new adult dog. But should do it consistently, and do it slowly until your dog can do what you command it well. Anyway, you are not in the race right? so just do it slowly, patiently and consistently until the time of your adult dog will improve his skills. and you will be amazed with the results.

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