Crate for Rottweiler

crate for rottweiler


crate for rottweiler

” What size dog crate do i need , dog crate material should be made of what , what type of dog crate should I buy? , Should i buy a puppy crate and when he became adult i should buy new crate for my rottweiler?” Those are frequently asked questions for dog owners, especially those of you who have just bought a puppy, it’s an incredible feeling happy and very interested and excited in the first time you have a new dog, especially if you get it as a gift puppy. A kind of  feeling that can not be expressed in words. As we know, dogs are man best friend and that is true. We can learn from the movie “hatchiko” or other dogs movie. With the passage of our lives, a good dog is always there beside you, protect you, your childhood playmate and for all it was an experience that will never be forgotten.  “man best friend” is the appropriate nickname for the dog, because he was not only a pet but he is a friend of your life.

The right size dog crate for Rottweiler

Choosing the right crate sizes for your dog is very important, on this page dog crate sizes I mentioned a little bit about how to choose the right crate for your dog. Well this time we will talk more about what size dog crate do you need for a rottweiler, and if he is still a puppy should you buy another crate sizes that suitable for him. I remind a bit, first you need to know the size of Rottweiler when he became an adult dog, as a guide to choosing the right size crate for rottweiler. An adult Rottweiler male has an average height reaches 24- 27 inches, while the females are about 22-25 inches. and weight of a male Rottweiler can reach average 90 pounds.

Actually it’s nothing wrong if you are planning to buy a small dog crate like “small crate 20 inch” for your puppy as it grows and you buy another crate size for an adult Rottweiler “Extra large crate size 42 inch“. However, my advice for a more efficient and cost-effective you can buy one size extra large crate and also a divider if your Rottweiler is still a puppy. by using a divider you can dividing the crates, it more cost-effective and the space for your puppy is not too big so he is comfort with his home. And of course the right time to crate training is when your Rottweiler still a cute puppy. If necessary, add some accessories such as crate cover to keep warm while sleeping over night, giving him a dog bed which makes it comfortable, as well as a bottle of drink ready if your pup thirsty.

Best crate for rottweiler should be made of what?

The appropriate Crate for rottweiler is Extra Large 42 inch Dog Crate sizes. However, as a dog lover especially if you really love a dog breed Rottweiler, would provide the most appropriate crate for him. Then, the next question is what material should be made ; wire, plastic, or steel? The answer is not always the same, because it’s about your style and you have to choose a crates which has a proper function for your beloved Rottweiler . Some rottweiler owner buying 48 inch crate, they want to giving more space for his dog, but mostly 42 inch dog crate size is the appropriate and best seller crate for rottweiler. also they like a wire crate, with the purpose function as home training and travel crate. It’s very easy to fold and efficiently you can put behind your truck if you want to bring your Rottweiler participate with you. but if you like a durable quality plastic crate it does not matter. Maybe if you want to build by your own style “custom dog crate” like a “unique dog house” that has function as a decoration of furniture in your living room, or you can make it by your own design and material shape everything according to your own style.

Recommended Best Buy XL Dog Crate for Rottweiler 

42 inch xl dog crate is the best choice dog crate for Rottweiler, This crate was created specifically for the type of Labrador, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Dobermans with average weight of 70-90 pounds. To help you to find the best choice dog crate for your rottweiler, I’ll providing some product recommendations that are available in the market and those are best buy product also has many good reviews. You can search on internet for product reviews 42 inch XL Dog crate sizes especially in the Amazon. But, to make it easier for you i give you top 3 best buy product recommendations that has many good reviews in the market. However, the decision is still on your hand , hopefully you can found the best answer and get the right crate for your pup.

Top 3 best buy recommendation for 42 inch dog crates :

crates for rottweiler


Extra Large Crate size 42 inch (42L x 28W x 31H) with 2 doors is made specifically for dog lovers. This crate is very precisely to the dog with the average weighing 71-90 pounds. The most appropriate choice for your rottweiler, equipped with ABS plastic pan slides that easy to clean and every corner of crate is rounded to make you or your dog safe and minimize the risk of injury. comes with a free divider is suitable and appropriate for crate training for your Rottweiler puppy. One more thing, the crate is very easily to setup and fold down to portable size without additional tools.

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crate for rottweiler


Do you prefer a dog crate with 3 doors to make it more flexible for your pet dog to get in and out. If yes, Elitefield provide you with 3 doors dog crate in A front, a side and a back door.For security reason, this crates has two bolt latches with self-locking function on each door; Non-skid rubber feet to protect floor surfaces; slide-out tough ABS pan for easy cleaning, and a removable divider that you can use to crate training your puppy. The Crate is highly efficient, can be easily folded and also has a handle for easy transport, especially if you frequently travel along your rottweiler.

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crate for rottweiler

crate for rottweiler



Looking for more tough dog crate for rottweiler , take a look at this one ” Smith Build Heavy Duty Crate”. Constructed with a 3/4″ frame and 1/2″ diameter (20 gauge) tubes made of steel, each bar is welded to the frame for the strongest siding available. Each cage has a front door and also opens from the top for easy access to pets that don’t want to leave the security of their space. The front door locks with 2 slide-bolt latches, and the crate top with 1. These pet homes also have an ultra-durable, multi-layer finish that is much stronger than the “electro” or “powder” coats seen in inferior cages. This finish is rust, corrosion and fade resistant. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Every crate features a removable metal pan and a floor grate.

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crate for rottweiler


Have you found the right crate for your rottweiller, hopefully my recommendation can give you an idea to choose the best and right choice crate for rottweiler. all in all i want to hear your opinion, or you can share with us about your thought

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