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Crate training a puppy at night

Crate training a puppy at night would be a problem at the beginning, especially when you’ve just adopted your new furry baby with the ages under 8 weeks. I had a post about the factors that you should consider when you want to adopt a puppy. but let’s be more detailed in this article about what to do when you become a new parent for your puppy, why puppies like crying and whining especially at night, and how to crate training a puppy at night ?

Reasons why Puppy like to cry at night 

You have to understand your dog’s behavior, what they like to do in daily activities, his behavior, nature and what kind of breed is your dog. To find out why he was crying can occur usually for several reasons, but you should learn what the main cause, why he was crying at night, either because they wanted to urinate, missed their parents or due to separation anxiety

  1. Puppies urinate frequently
    As we know, a pup can not hold pee, the bladder still can not be trained well to hold pee. Sometimes at night your puppy want to get out of his cage, but he does not know how and he tried to hold the pee then he shouted, crying, whining to ask for your attention.
  2. Missed the parent
    How old are your puppy when you just brought it home? The age of puppies under 2 months or 8 weeks they are often looking for its mother, it is common for puppies, they need more attention and reliance on its parent, especially when hungry and thirsty, or maybe when he feels lonely.
  3. Feeling Loneliness
    While you are sleeping at night, but your pup still awake and then your puppy seeing nobody around him he will feel lonely and perhaps fear. That’s why it is very important to plan the placement of the dog house when you want to adopt a puppy. The best place is near you, you can put it in your bedroom.



Crate training a puppy at night, basically the same as how to kennel train your dog. It is the same strategy just need to do it over and over until your dog is well trained. The main objective is to make your dog keep calm and control your dog to obey your commands

Tips to prevent your pup crying and whining

  • Build Relationship with family member

You can build a good relationship with your puppy at night, many people or a family member at home can give more attention to your dog. before bed invite your dog to play with all of your family members. This is a very good way to create a happy mood so as to prevent separation anxiety or parental anxiety

  • Placement of doghouse

In this case, I recommend you to read my post more details regarding the proper placement of the dog house, especially for puppies that you just adoption.The first time you are thinking about adopting a puppy, you have to prepare a proper dog house and what the most important needs and where it is placed. puppy as well as a small child he would be lonely and scared for that you should be there for him to become foster parents.

An advice I get, you can put a dog crate on the chair parallel with your bed and keep the crate open (not use “Cover Crate”), so that he can always see you. Let him hear your breathing so that he feels calm because you are there beside him. While he was sleeping, slowly you can move it and then put it on the floor in your bedroom.

  • Sit and stay Calm

The main point is to train the puppy to make emotionally stable and calm. In these conditions where the puppies 8 weeks old will still face obstacles to cry and whine. The first training that you can provide is basic training such as coaching seated. Teach him to sit is a basic step in training and give him a reward when he performs your commands. do repeatedly until instinctively understand to obey your command to sit and stay calm. It is important to control and keep his emotions when he starts to cry or whine.

When your dog starts to cry or whine, he was trying to attract your attention. try to give the command to sit (controlling his temper to stay calm) and ask him to keep quiet for a few minutes and then told him that would allow him out of the crate when he is quiet. But, ignore if he whines to seek your attention to come out of the crate. The goal is to make him understand and obey your command. If he has done the command, give him some treat because it will make it easier to remember and understand quickly what your command.

  • Repeat and systematically raise the tempo

Training requires patience and time. you can do simple things such as basic training for the train to sit is one way to control his emotions. I think this time your dog has to understand and be able to follow your orders to sit down and calm, attract your pup by feeding him by provide some food he likes inside the crate, then asked him to enter the crate and close the door for a few minutes. Maybe at the first time you should stay beside him, then you can begin to leave him with the door closed for a few minutes. do repeatedly and you should monitor and keep your puppy calm. with

Maybe at the first time you should stay beside him, then you can begin to leave him with the door closed for a few minutes. Do repeatedly and you should monitor and keep your puppy calm, in a few times he’ll calm down and begin to feel comfortable in his home. Then increase the tempo of time to leave it in the crate for longer until eventually you can leave it in the crate with the door closed for an hour or even several hours.

  • Provide your puppy needs

Prepare and provide what is needed for your puppy, like a comfortable bed, blankets, adequate food, and toys for him, put them all in the crate. It functions to create an attraction for your puppy to be inside the crate. With all his needs provided it can keep him calm to stay in his house.

Remember to avoid putting newspapers inside his home, you need to provide a special place where he had to urinate, so he will be trained to always do pee or poo just in that particular place. Then, ask him back to his house, get him messing around crates to make him realize that his house is a better environment, safe and comfort.


The purpose of crate training a puppy at night is to make your dog safe and comfortable at his home, to prevent your puppy crying and whining, You need to maximize his daily activities so that at night he was tired and out of energy so your dog can fall asleep. do this as a routine so he trained from time to time and remember always to reward him every time he did your command. However, if you do not feel disturbed, put a dog crate near your bed or put it somewhere in your bedroom to make him feel more comfortable with you are nearby.

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