Crates for chihuahuas

crates for chihuahuas

Crates for chihuahuas means an extra small dog crates, as i mentioned in this post how to measure size of your chihuahuas. Also, why you should buy the right crates for your beloved dog. Based on simple chart in that post, the right choice of dog crate sizes for chihuahua, Yorkie, Pomeranian, papilon,… is a 20 inch dog crate sizes. They are kind of cute dogs and very small even though they have grown into adult dogs their size remains small. Many types of dog crate 20 inch offered, factory-made dog crates that are ready to use, or a custom dog crates as well as additional furniture in your living room.

How To measuring a chihuahuas size :

To measure how big size of your pet dog chihuahuas, in a previous post I add a simple chart guide to gauge the size of your dog by measuring the neck, body length and chest circumference. More details you can “visit to this page“, or you can click on the image below to go to that page. From the chart table, you can determine the proper size dog crate for your pet dog. How big the size of your dog can be used as a way to determine the right and appropriate dog crate sizes for your dog, also can be used to buy a collar, or clothes for your pet dog.

crates for cihuahuas


Which is the right dog crates for chihuahuas?

crates for chihuahuas

As mention above, the size of the dog crate for your chihuahua is a 20 inch dog crate. Then, what other thing you should consider when you want to buy a dog crates for chihuahuas? First of all, what is the purpose you buying a dog crates?mostly people buy a dog crates for crate train their beloved dog, but others also looking crates for a travel, carrying your chihuahuas and some stuff of her needs while walking around your house with your beloved dog, or a kind of portable house you can use inside house or in the car. Second, determine whether the material is made of a sturdy plastic , wire, or a heavy duty steel ? many pros an cons in deciding which material is suitable for your dog. But the important thing is materials that you choose should be suitable for your dog so that he feels comfortable and safe in his house. especially if you buy a dog crate for the purpose of dog crate training or potty training. Third, prepare your budget to buy the right dog crates for your chihuahuas.

1.Should you buy a crates for chihuahuas?

Sometimes when you want to play with your chihuahuas, take a walk with her in the park or just an evening walk around your house, and you need to bring a few other items of need. Then, to make it easier you can use a soft crate that can be used as a bag to carry with you and your dog needs. Another example, if you are a person who is very mobile but you don’t want your dog at home alone so you will need to carry and accompany with you in the car, you can choose a crate that is suitable for your car, whether it’s a soft crates, wire crates or maybe you don’t need a crate, you can use the mat to cover the seat of your car. The Purpose to buy dog crates are the first things you need to consider before you study more in depth about the specifics crates for your dog, especially in this case to find the best crates for Chihuahuas

2.What Material should i choose

You should know the character of your dog. Especially in determining the right and appropriate type of crate. The type of wire crate is highly efficient as it can easily be folded, if you want to bring your dog, you can also bring his house the easy way is to fold and put into the trunk of your car. Wire crate is more comfortable and suitable especially during the summer, the air flow from around the crate, and your dog feel free look towards the outside, you can add cover to keep your dog warm at night, as a resting place that is safe and comfortable as your dog home.

Or maybe if you think better choose a crate made by plastic materials that are easier to clean, sturdy, and avoid the risk of injury to your dog. You can use it as your dog house, as well as a means to bring your dog while traveling by plane.However, you need to buy a crate that already have a standards for travel permits.

Crates for chihuahuas by Types :

What is the function and purpose when you decide to buy a dog crate for your Chihuahua, To make it as your dog house? or you need it as a kennel when you go travel by plane / car, or you use it to hold your chihuahua during a walk to the park. Here is some type of dog crates for chihuahuas :

  • Air Travel Crates for your chihuahuas

You will need a crate for your chihuahua when traveling by plane. Here is an example of a crate made of plastic, but sturdy and already meet the flight rules to bring your pets travel by plane.


dog crate sizes

  • Car Travel Crates for your chihuahuas

Don’t want to leave him alone in the house because there was no guarding, and want to take along your pet dog. You can buy crates below, or if the dog is well trained you can use the mat just to coat your car seat.

         dog crate sizescrates for cihuahuas               crates for cihuahuas

  • Soft Crates for chihuahuas

Normally if you want to take a walk with your chihuahuas in the park or just an afternoon walk around your home, or maybe you have more time to take your dog to play, also want to bring toys for him to play, then you can use a soft crate. it can be use as a bag to carry your dog with its equipment.A cute dog like chihuahua often brought  by its owner everywhere, soft crate is the right choice to make you more efficient.


CRATEs for cihuahuas

  • Wire Crates for chihuahuas

Or you can use a wire crate that is easy folded so that you can just put it in the trunk of your car so that everywhere you go away and have to leave your house does not have to worry about preparing the house for your dog.
crates for cihuahuas

3 Prepare your Budget

How much budget you’ll need, whether below or above $ 30, you must specify the budget necessary to buy a dog crate. Moreover, if you are planning to buy more than one dog crates for chihuahuas. For example, you want to buy a wire crate that is easily folded and stored away that you can use as a home for your chihuahuas. Also used when traveling by car and you want to carry it all the way, or when you want her to play and walk in the park, but you need to bring some stuff to play with your beloved chihuahuas. But, of course you need to budget additional required if you plan to buy more than one dog crate.


To find the right and suitable crates for chihuahuas you should consider those points above; what material are used for the crate, and The most important is what the purpose and function that you need when you decide to buying a dog house. Buying the right crates for chihuahuas can save cost and time for you. It is okay if you need 2 or 3 crate that you can use for your purposes. e.g wire dog crate as a dog house when you have to leave him home alone, and you have plastic crates to be used when carrying Chihuahua to traveling by plane, or also you have a soft crate to hold your dog in soft crate when you walk in the park. Don’t forget to prepare the budget to buy the best crates for your chihuahuas. As always, how about your thought please feel free to share and comments below:

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