Does Coconut Oil Kill Fleas?

Does coconut oil kill fleas and ticks? Yes, and there are a lot of benefits that can be provided by coconut oil. However, you must know what the difference of flea and tick as on this chart, commonly this problem occur often in summer.

Summer is time for you and your companion go outside, your dog would love to running , jumping, even rolling on the grass, but there’s something jumping on your dog skin too, mostly tick come into your dog skin. How to solve this problem? does coconut oil kill fleas and tick as well as prevent it from popping back to the dog’s skin? keep reading to found the answer.

Does Coconut Oil Kill Fleas and other Dog Skin Problems ?

Yes, it does! Here are some question and answer about benefit using coconut oil on dog skins;

  • Does Coconut oil kill fleas and tick effectively ?

Coconut oil is a Natural and organic product that contains “Lauric acid” is a substance that has the function to repellent to fleas and ticks.

Many Paw Parents love to use coconut oil to prevent and kill fleas, parasites, ticks, fleas eggs and larvae. There’s a study of coconut oil has many functions and particularly more beneficial than the use of antibiotics.

  • Does coconut oil kill fleas and prevent it back again?

Yes, with the right way for prevention coconut oil can kill and prevent flea, tick, fungus, or any other bacteria back again onto your dog skin. below we give tips to kill and prevent fleas and tick back to your dog skin.

  • Does Coconut oil kill fleas, tick, and bad odor ?

Besides it can  kill fleas , tick, parasites, coconut oil can also prevent bad odor from your dog, and it replacing the bad odor into the pleasant of coconut oil and helps to maintain healthy skin and coat of your dog

  • Does Coconut oil kill fleas safely ?

Of course, coconut oil is completely safe to use because it comes from a natural ingredient that is safe for your dog, no harmful effects caused by coconut oil, mostly positive and very useful product to use. even for delicate skin puppies.

  • Can I use coconut oil on my irritate, dry, or sensitive dog skin?

Yes, coconut oil can accelerate the healing of wounds on the skin, soothe your dog dry skin especially around the nose, paw, and other irritate skin caused by scratches, soften and smooth your dog fur.

  • Why should I choose coconut oil?

The cost is low. The risk is zero. even it can reduce the risk of certain cancers and other skins problem

  • Does coconut oil kill fleas, tick and other bad insects around in my house?

When you use coconut oil regularly on dogs, spray it on the dog bed, on your carpet of your house, routine use of coconut oil will kill and prevent fleas, tick, and other bad insects can live in your house.


How To Use Coconut oil on dogs :

Before using this original coconut oil, the first step you should do is bathing your dog , use a gentle and mild shampoo specifically for dogs, Treatment we’ll do here is safe for your dog’s skin and it’s effective.

Why you should using Dog shampoo because it is more appropriate rather than human shampoo , corresponds to the pH of the dog’s skin and its function is very precise in maintaining the natural oils on your dog skin, to keep his skin,  fur, and coats always clean fluffy and healthy. But if you face an issue about killing a stubborn infestation that would be rather difficult to eradicate with regular shampoo. On that

But if you face an issue about killing a stubborn infestation that would be rather difficult to eradicate with regular shampoo. On that case, you can use virgin coconut oil to aid thoroughly eradicate fleas and tick.

does coconut oil kill fleasdoes coconut oil kill fleas

  • Take a teaspoon of coconut oil which contains lauric acid, because it is a pure substance can kill and prevent fleas come back or live under your dog’s coat.
  • Rub well throughout the entire body of your dog, especially in the injured due to scratching your dog, dry skin, or areas with many of fleas.
  • Comb your dog fur, and you can take some of the fleas and ticks uplifted when you comb it.
  • Better to use your old t-shirt to be worn on your dog. Mostly, dog loves the smell of coconut oil although it was not dangerous but it’s better to avoid him licking coconut oil on his body.
  • Coconut oil is a natural and safe can be done repeatedly in recent days in order to treatment and prevention of flea and tick,

Prevention for fleas and tick.

Using coconut oil does not kill the whole fleas and ticks instantly, fleas jumping portion of the dog’s body and usually do not die immediately, they could survive under the carpet at home in a few days. that’s why precautions need to be done so that ticks can not go back again.

You can use coconut oil every day for a week to ensure that the fleas on a dog’s body completely disappeared and wounded skin regenerate.

You can also use this method, mix pure water with coconut oil boil and put in a bottle can be sprayed. You can prevent fleas come back by spraying into dog beds, blankets, dog crate, also the carpet in your home

As we know Summer season is time to go outside with your companion, before letting your dog run and rolled over the green grass, spray it all over your dog’s body to prevent fleas and ticks jump onto your dog




  1. I love this article! It’s so great to see more and more people using natural remedies instead of using poison to kill annoying pests and insects. Which of course in turn poisons their dogs.

    We all love coconut oil in our home! We use it for cooking, dental health and hair care.

    My dogs have a tablespoon each over their food each morning – they love the taste. We have never had an infestation of fleas in our home. In summer here in Africa flies and mozzies abound. So I smear a little coconut oil over their snout area too. Unlike other dogs I see, mine never have pesky flies milling around their noses.

    Great article!

    1. Hi Rosemary,

      Thanks for stopping by,
      your dog must be very healthy because you give a mixture of coconut oil in his food.

      Most dog owners would prefer a natural remedy, it is safer for the dog. besides that, the usefulness of coconut oil not only for food and medicine, but some people use coconut oil to massage their puppy, they believe it can be used to strengthen the puppy’s fur and make it bright and shining.

  2. How much coconut oil and water to mics to spray on the carpets? Plus can i rub coconut oil on his fur? Do I buy the oil or the real coconut?
    So does it work even when he loves to roll in the grass?

    1. Hi Loretta, Thanks for the questions.
      1.You can mix by dividing approximately 1: 3 in a spray bottle, eg 250 ml to 750 ml spray botle
      2.Sure, Rub well into your dog’s whole body, using it also can help make your dog’s coat soft and shiny
      3.I recommend using this virgin coconut oil , (i update the article soon about the product)
      4.Yes, you can apply it to your dog’s coat before going for a walk or if your dog likes to roll in the grass. it will help to prevent fleas and ticks jumped to his body. fleas do not like coconut oil.

      1. Very good article Jay. I know coconut oil as one of the best oils included in cooking and using it for hair beauty but it is the first time to know its action as a flea killer. Thanks for this new information.

        1. Indeed, coconut oil provides many benefits from inside as well as for outside use.
          and the most interesting is a natural product so it is safe for the skin
          Thanks for stoping by, Doaa

          1. This is great. I applied it to my dog after a dawn soap and ACV bath she instantly stopped itching and scratching. I combed her and didn’t see a flea in sight. Thanks for info.

          2. Hi Shay,
            Good to hear that, you can try to rub her furs it’ll feel softer and brighter than ever before. thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. I have been using it some to cook with(for me and the dog, he was on antibiotics so got a little spoiled since I needed to be creative getting meds in). Good to know on ticks, it also helps condition dogs paws. Especially if you live in an area they salt roads in winter or its very dry.

    1. I’m sure you are a creative person, Especially when you have to think of the idea to mix coconut oil in your dog food. Thank you for visiting, Jen.

  4. Im here to attest to the darn near miraculous transformation ive had with my pooch since i started using coconut oil.
    But in my case, putting it IN her food daily as oppossed to rubbing her down with it really did the trick.
    I think she was too furry and the oil maynt have been reaching the depth it needed because she still had a lingering tick issue.
    But when i started adding it to her food they literally vanished. A month later and there isnt one tick on her .
    I can barely believe it myself! lol. Thank you to everyone who suggested this. You really saved me.

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