Dog Crate Placement

dog crate placement

Dog Crate Placement, simple thing to do but usually will be a tough choice if your dogs have not been trained, especially puppies. They are more often crying and whining. However, you still need to make a decision, and moreover crate training while still a puppy is the best choice and smart. Looks like it so difficult the first time to train your puppy, but when your dog has been trained for obedience training, housebreaking, crate training or potty training, then you can do other activities, and you can enjoy your free Time




At the time you choose to do a training crate for your dog, of course you already have an idea of where you would put the dog crate, indoors or outdoors.

Outdoor / Outside Dog Crate Placement, you can build a special house of dog “custom Crate“, this option is usually chosen when you have 2 or more dogs or even you plan on expanding your dog breed. Of course you should have a vacant land in your backyard. Or you can use a common crates, assemble and then place them in your backyard. However, you must consider where to place the dog crate, make sure they are under the roof of the house were spared from rain or hot sun. You certainly do not want to bake your pet dog to leave it in the crate under the sun all day, right?


DOG CRATE PLACEMENT IN THE LIVING ROOM, you can create custom dog crate as additional furniture accessories in the living room. Or maybe you can put a dog crate in your living room, but the crate was decorated with a cover, and beds with matching colors that make it compatible with the layout in the living room.

DOG CRATE PLACEMENT IN THE KITCHEN, As we know, the kitchen is where you put glassware and also including sharps thing, if you want to put your dog crate in the kitchen make sure no sharp objects around him that can cause injure your dog when he was playing around or even when your dog unattended.

DOG CRATE PLACEMENT IN THE GARAGE, placement in the garage is usually referred also to help supervise or maintain your vehicle. However, you need to consider about the circulation of air or lack of lighting at night, usually the garage light dim and air circulation is not particularly good and fumes can damage the health of your dog

DOG CRATE PLACEMENT IN THE BEDROOM, Most dog owners prefer to place the dog crate inside the bedroom, the purpose is to be supervised by you and vice versa, your pup will be more comfortable if they see you are not far from him, but keep in mind sometimes this will usually presents an obstacle such as separation anxiety that your dog would be scared if he is left alone without you nearby.


Is there a difference in the placement of puppies and dogs that have been grown? Yes, the dog crate placement for them will be different, according to my understanding a puppy under the age of 4 months be better placed in the same room with you, that in your bedroom. That way, your puppy will feel safe and comfortable seeing you with him always. A puppy usually still likes whining, fussing and crying, especially at night. He would feel the loss of their mother, by placing it near you “in your bedroom” This will help him to be quiet. However when your dog has begun to adults should change the layout placement crate that is no longer in the same room with you, so that your dog does not have separation anxiety with you. But for some people they let the dog crate placement remain in the bedroom even though the dog is already an adult, it is an option if your dog does not have problems with separation anxiety then let the dog crate placement inside your bedroom tends to remain a good option too.


Have you plan how big area you’ll give to your dog, whether it requires a fairly wide area? Or you leave it free to move onshore in the house “without restriction”. If so, pay attention to your goods are easily breakable or sharp items so it will not hurting your dog.

However, if you prefer to give the specific area to your dog then consider where is the best dog crate placement in your house? How large area is needed your dog, a place for him to play, eat and drink, and also where he may urinate, so not adjacent to the feeding bowls or the toys do not fall into his pee.

So, where will you placed the crate of your dog? You should determined according to your own choice and observe whether your dog comfortably placed in the garage or the kitchen, or should be in your bedroom. As explained above, your dog can choose where the most convenient place for him


In addition to planning the dog crate placement, have you plan well what would you put in the crate? You can place a drink bottle inside the crate when you go out of the house and leaving your dog for a moment. But if you were at home then it is not necessary, because you can monitor and control the availability of food and drinks as needed. Especially for puppy, often after drinking not long after that he was urinating because they can not hold it, worried he drink it and his pee could make wet his bed.

Put also toys that are resistant to the bite, it is natural to a dog bite something, especially for puppies. Provide quality toys and strong to be used for activities that can make him busy and can perform many activities to immediately adjust to his new surroundings that and soon forget anxiety for mother, and when he had to be alone in the house there are toys that can be used for him to play so he will not get bored, fussing and crying.

Should i use a cover to my dog crate? First of all, you must choose the proper dog crate placement, then you can try to provide cover for the dog crate. Sometimes the dog is not convenient if the house is closed, even he prefers everything is open or not closed anything so that he can freely see in all directions. However, some dogs prefer if his house was completely covered surroundings, then he could only see out from the entrance door of the crate, he felt more comfortable because of the privacy and the dog crate temperature will be warm and cozy for him.

So, the answer depends on whether your dog liked his House is closed or open, you have to try it first and see what’s reaction is preferably of your dog.


The best option and mostly dog owners put a dog crate together with her in the bedroom, even though the dog was an adults. However, should fulfill the needs of your dog by providing a cozy , safe and secure home also prepare what your dog needs as a comfortable bed, cover the crate cover, water bottles and toys for completeness used your dog.


1. Determine the most appropriate place for your beloved dog it’s indoor or outdoor, whether you agree with most people opinion that dog crate placement is in your bedroom, or vice versa if put in the bedroom instead will disrupt your sleep.

2. A rooftop to protect them from heat or rain, by providing a home cool, safe and convenient for him will make your dog feel happy, and this is important if he is always in the good mood then your dog will obey your commands easily, and this will facilitate the process of obedience and crate training your dog. The best choice of dog crate placement is inside your house because it will give coolness, safety, and comfort him, he also will be pleased and happy because he became a part of your family, and more often interact with all members of your family.

3. Provide a special area for your dog, usually in addition to determine the dog crate placement, also can be combined with exercise pen or fence that aim is to provide boundaries for your dog so that he does not pass the limit for the safety of your dog, as well as to avoid any kind of danger or accident may occur, for example from an objects made of glassware in your home, or different objects sharp as a knife, fork to avoiding it to hurt your pet dog.

4. good air circulation, it is important to comfort him for good air circulation that affect the health of your pet dog, if more fresh air into the crate can make your dog feel comfortable when he was at home. Keep in mind this Crate is a house or a den for your dog that will always be used when he wanted to rest or sleep, then it must be provided very comfortable. So,it will make your dog happy to enter into his house by himself even without your command

5. Provide more urgent needs, such as the mat where he had to pee, dog bed , cover crate , a drink bottle of mineral water, a few toys that can be used daily to support his activities, especially when he had to be alone at home without any supervision. So that your dog does not get bored, and he can do activities such as playing with toys.

6. Dog Crate Placement also related to crate training and compliance, in addition to providing supplies for your dog, planning area for your dog, such as the placement of the house for your dog, where to put a bowl of food, an area where he may urinate and poop and where you put a toy for your dog, because if you do not plan ahead and placing it in an area that is too narrow will cause other problems. for example, if the place he peed adjacent to the toy or where he ate, would allow a toy will fall in the area he was urinating and when your dog is biting the toy he licked his urine even he could drink urine if the water availability in the area runs out , it will be a problem for his health

Additional Product Recommendation in the dog crate placement :

Plush Deluxe Orthopedic Mat is made with soft foam and wrapped with soft fluffy bed cover makes your pet dog to sleep more comfortably. Provide better health for your dog! Supports soothe joints and pressure points to a deeper, more restorative sleep. Suitable for small dogs, medium to large size. Product waterproof, and easy to wash you just need to open his zipper and remove the foam to be washed by hand. Good Quality Product made of USA with manufacturing from China are available in various sizes from small, medium, large, and Jumbo.



dog crate placementPetmate Replenish system with Microban, Made in USA Product with the quality and high standard with automatic water filling system utilizing the force of gravity. is a drinking water container is equipped with a 3-gallon capacity, fewer refills, and is suitable for busy dog owners, easily to check the amount of water from its transparent bottle, preventing shortage of drinking water so your dog can drink anytime. The bottle is made of PET plastic, making it more healthy for the pet and environmentally friendly than PVC bottles. Microban antimicrobial protection helps prevent the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria.



dog crate placement

MidWest Crate Covers provide protection, silence and safety for your dog, so he can sleep more comfortably. The crate cover also have proper ventilation and can be used with 1, 2, or 3 doors crates, which allow your dog in and out of several sides. The crate Cover also allows the slide in or out pan plastic crate for easy cleaning.






dog crate placementGpet Rawhide Dog Bone, created as chew toys with a design as a dog bone with size 4-5 inch for your beloved dog to keep his teeth and gums clean, the right Solution for the aggressive chewer, or puppies that tend to be most like to chew all objects. FDA approved made with High Quality Materials. no odor, no mess is very safe for your puppy.


dog crate placement

KONG Toys Classic, best toys for your dog who loves to bite and chew, Made in USA high quality products and created especially for dogs who likes to playing with chew any objects. Its can be combined by putting the snack inside this kong toys then your dog will love to chew kong.




dog crate placementCHECK THIS WIRELESS FENCE

Wireless fence is very effective for dogs that often ran away from the area. Using wi-fi radio transmitter with a dog collar that gives a warning to your dog by warning a beep if he approached the borders, and the next warning stun static if he crosses the boundary that you create, it is not dangerous, but does startle your dog. Better give him the safe zone than sorry, right? It’s very effective to give a clear area “safe zone” for your dog. Give him some training by using the flag in order to limit your dog area. Then he can finally understand what is the safe zone and prohibited. The best plan by combining the fence , crate , and all the needs of your dog.


Most dog crate placement is inside the house, but if you want to put outside the house as described above, you can create a special dog house in the backyard . Most dog owners put a dog crate in the house as the best option, so that your dog can socialize with all the members of your family. Specify where is the appropriate and comfortable place for your pet dog, for puppies, dog crate placement should be in the bedroom with you, as well as the aim to crate training since he was a puppy. Give him a durable toys that is often used to play, chew, bitten, usually we give a minimum of 2 pieces. When you leave him alone, prepare drinks enough for your dog so that he was not dehydrated, and don’t leave him too long even more than an hour, especially for puppy. But, before you can leave him alone at home, you have to train your dog so that he knew where the safe zone and also forbidden are for him.

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