Dog crates sizes


Dog crates sizes is important and necessary, so should every dog owner have it? Do you really understand the meaning of the right size dog crate for your puppy? some question that i found when people ask about dog crate ; What if I buy a dog crate that is not suitable, is there any effect to my beloved dog? and isn’t that sounds cruel put your dog in a crate, it’s like a prison to him. then what is the difference with dog playpen, whether the dog crate sizes as same function as Dog pen? then should I have to buy both or choose one of it? based on these questions we want trying to help by sharing information, tips and guidance that may be useful to you. Lets describe in more detail about this dog crate sizes.


Dog Crates Sizes

Why you should buy a crate with an appropriate size with your dog, why don’t just buy a larger dog crates sizes, so it will make my dog more freedom of movement and more comfortable to play at his house. Actually it is not right when buying a dog crates sizes that is too big or too small. I already described here about how to measure your dog, and which is the right crate size. but this post will add more information about the dog crates sizes.

Should Buy The Right Sizes for Your Dog

Imagine if you bought an XXL size dog crate for your puppy “cihuahua” for example, would be too big for your puppy, although he has grown his small size body will still make a dog crate with a size XXL looks too big for him. and vice versa, if you buy small dog crate sizes XXS for your retriever puppy, you have to consider if he became an adult dog, so your xxs dog crates sizes later certainly will not be fit again for him. except if you plan to replace and buy back the larger dog crate for your pup. Of course you need an extra place, money, and time for this. Sometimes there are types of dogs not easily adaptable or won’t likes his new home, so it took him another time for him to train to his ‘new house’ . However, there is also a dog that can easily and quickly adapt to his new home, depending on the character of your dog.

The right and appropriate dog crates sizes make your puppy comfortable and easy to train him. The purpose to buy a dog crate with the right size is to make your dog feel secure, obedient, well-trained, and feel comfortable so that he will feel at home. Many benefits provided by this dog crate. for example if your crate dog is too large for a puppy, he would feel uncomfortable because of the cold at night, or because a bigger room your dog can move freely in his crate even when you close the door, your dog will be more to attract your attention with a lot of moving and more active in their house, especially for the puppy. If it happen, the crate function not as a place to rest but is more used to playing arena, it would be difficult to train if like this. Also, if it is too narrow and you should also consider the puppy’s growth is very fast even in a couple of months. for an example, the size of an adult dogs such as retrievers in the medium crate sizes, definitely it will make them feel uncomfortable and make it difficult to move. so that he no longer want to get inside to his house.

 Puppy in a Crate is CRUEL

Some people, dog owners, and especially dog lovers aren’t like the idea of using a dog crate, if you look at the forum there are also pros and cons of dog crate sizes. However, you should know the main purpose why you need to buy dog crates, what functions and uses that you should know. If the intended use is right, it would not be a problem but it would be an advantage for you. ie make your dog an independent, self-discipline, easy to train, and behave as you expect. On the contrary, if the intended use dog crates are not quite right of course this will actually cause problems for you. For example, if you aim to make dog crates are as imprisonment, or if using a crate for the purpose of putting it when you do not want to play with him will certainly lead to different effects for you and your dog.


dog crates sizes

 A dog playpen is about playground in a certain area, in order to train your dog or also serves as a barrier region for your dog when you should leave the puppy at home alone and give the limits of area for your dog, so that he won’t use the equipment or furnishing in your home as a toys. Other reason is when you want to play with your puppy in a cage / crate , but the cage was too narrow and small to play with your pet dog. so you have to have this dog pens to provide a larger area to play along with your dog in his territory.

Then, do I have to have both of them or just buy one of them? it’s depend on your purpose and usage requirements for your dog. However, as an example in this post, when you have to work full-time and and have to leave your dog then you have to buy both of it (Dog Crates and Dog Playpen). Your dog crate as his main home so that your puppy flexible and comfortable as he needs to rest and relax. while the dog pen you can use as the limit for him as an arena playing area and boundaries be crossed by your dog. thus your dog will be obedient and disciplined will certainly make it easier for you and surely it’s very fun has an intelligent dog that is very obedient to their owners


That is some of the reason why you need a dog crates or a dog playpen. And once again choose the right , appropriate and the best choice for your ‘Dog House’. if you have any thought or want to share with us, please feel free to share your thought in a comment.

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