Escape Proof dog kennels

escape proof dog kennels

Escape proof dog kennels or crate , inescapable dog crate, strong heavy duty dog crate, gorilla tough dog crate, indestructible dog crate, stainless steel dog crate level 3, best dog crates for an escape artist, or Houdini dog crate escape proof. There’s so many nicknames of “escape proof dog kennels” but the point is the same, as the crates that have been tested to make sure your dog does not get out of the cage / her home. “Houdini dog” is a dog expert escape artists who can get out from of all kinds of crates, and often encountered in some dogs. This negative behavior may be caused by various cause things , maybe the dog was not comfortable with the cage, or he is a kind of hyper active dogs, energetic, or maybe the cause because he is too long locked in a cage.

The size of the dog is not the main cause of this negative behavior, as I have already said, this behavior is triggered from the attitude shown by the dog feels uncomfortable with the situation. There are many other causes that can make dogs bring this negative behavior. if your dog behave like that, then you should learn more details from books about the training of dogs and how to handle it, or on the forums about the type of your dog, usually they often sharing about the problems they are facing and it is possible you have some answers from their experience, or you can share your experience there too.


escape proof dog kennels

plastic , wire, aluminum or Steel escape proof dog kennels should you choose? before choosing what type of crate for your pet dog, do you know why a dog named Houdini dog? it is a dog with smart intelligent that he can get away from any type crate, plastic, wire, steel, even he can unlock the latch using paws or mouth. Then, what is the most suitable type for your dog, if you use crate carried out properly, then a crate made of sturdy plastic is enough to make your dog can not escape from its cage. Moreover, the plastic material will make you saving cost compared with aluminum crate or steel materials. However, if you have a big and strong dog, a high-energy dog, have a destructive nature, then you should buy an escape proof dog kennels made of steel which is more appropriate for him.

Plastic crate more suitable and convenient to use for the type of dogs who prefer the privacy of his home region. usually it’s designed more closed, or maybe your dog may avoid a noise. Suitable for dog owners who often brought along his dog perform flights with aircraft, some airlines have rules that crate of plastic is requisite permission to bring pets.

Aluminum Heavy Duty dog crate, It is one of a strong and powerful dog Crate that is often used for an expert escape artist dog. Design that has been chosen is that closed around him with aluminum, a Houdini dog will find difficult way to escape from this aluminum box. but the choice of design and materials are selected depending on the style of all dog owners. Best of the best in my opinion is Escape proof dog kennels level 3.

Dog crates made of steel is more suitable for dogs who have extra strength is often bites the wire crates until bent and broken so that he could get out of the cage. But, you should consider the danger of a broken wire can make your dog get hurt even if he manages to escape out of the house and get hit by a crash from car. Therefor a crates made of steel is the right choice for him. The dog’s owner chose it because of the ease of placement and arrangement of the crate in your home or car can be installed in the tub or your pickup truck while traveling.


Dogs are often escaping by using a variety of ways, bite the crate,  climb fences, jump over, or digging the ground so that he could get out past the fence. However, you first need to know why he wanted to get out, if he wasn’t comfortable because bored, he has more energy that needs to get more activities, loud noises anxiety, separation anxiety, or other canine anxiety. Loud Noises Anxiety, On some dogs they are sensitive to loud noises, even the sound of a knock on the door when your friends come in can make your dog feel anxious so he will behave negatively. Separation anxiety, when you are near your dog then everything is normal and he always accompany you wherever you go, he’s a good dog and very sweet. But when you have to go out and leave your dog at home alone, then he began to feel anxious, it usually happens if you have a strong relationship with your dog, spoil your dog make him dependent, fearful and anxious about everything around him.

For example, you own a type of herding or sporting dogs, this breed requires a lot of activities to make him feel comfortable. if it is too long to stay at home and you put him in a crate for hours, less physical activity, that’s why he will get bored and this is probably one of the reasons why your dog is trying to get out of the cage. Some ways you can do : Schedule your time to invite your dog playing in the park, walk him more often accompany your evening or morning run. Playing throwing a ball or Frisbee to get him more exhausted. If you have to go out of home, Give him toys and put them in a cage so that he can play it so he is not bored. If you are using a fence to limit the scope of your dog, add the height of the fence so he can not jump or climb out. also put a solid rock (for outdoor) so that he can not dig. If possible, join a class of dog obedience training so that you can understand the nature and behavior of your own dog.


The best way to prevent your dog escape from the crate is the early introduction of the crate or proper training. If your pup know the dog crate as his home not as a place of confinement for him then he will obey and be happy to get into the crate, even you won’t need to lock the door crate, except if you are going to leave him alone. But it takes time and patience to train it, the better start when still a puppy. If your dog is Houdini dog seems less accurate this way.

“Houdini Dog” Escape Proof Dog Kennels Level 3

escape proof dog kennels

Why use an escape proof dog kennels level 3? Because this is “Houdini Dog” , then we must use a special crate for him. You can use a plastic crate specifically the plastic even anti-fire gun, or sturdy crate of steel level 3 means that all the material is made of sturdy steel base. The choice depends on your style, but I would suggest a crate made of steel because they are Heavy, Sturdy and Strong so ‘Houdini dog ” can not go out from this level 3 dog crate, the purpose is to secure them. weight of the kennel and wheel lock to make the crate more firmly so that you do not have to worry when your dog trying to get him from inside, biting or jumping in a crate. crate design more open so that air entering from all directions and the views of your dogs more free to look around so that he will be more comfortable than the closed crate.


Are you looking for the right crate for a Houdini dogs? Check out my older post about product recommendations for Escape proof dog kennels level 2 or level 3 dog crate, I give an example on this page “Indestructible dog crate” determine which would best suit the character and needs of your dog.


It is important to remember, use proper crate, along with dog training is really going to make everything go according to your wishes. Start training your dog immediately since a puppy, crate training, potty training, participate with dog obedience classes, or forum and learn more about the breed of your dog , his nature and behavior can give his training properly. Choose a crate that best suits your style and specifically fulfill your dog needs, a level 3 dog crate is the best choice for “Houdini dog”.

Love to hear your thought or you can share your experience about your houdini dog, please feel free to comment , i’ll responded As Soon As Possible or via the contact us page

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