How often do you wash a dog

How often do you wash a dog or a puppy, is it safe if you wash or shampooing more than once a month? as we know and deep research about shampooing a dog, there’s several factors to consider before shampooing a dog or puppy.

How often do you wash a dog?


How often do you wash a dog in a month?

For someone who has just adopted a puppy usually their age are ranged from the age of 8 weeks from the breeder meaning, he was just a cute little baby who needs to get adoption. and puppy at this age never know about water, they always clean because their mother licking on them, just like a cat!

Washing a dog or puppy should not be more than once a month, do you agree with this opinion? I have met some people bathing their dogs more than once a week! yes, that’s right twice a week because they aim to follow the dog contest, even those using a baby shampoo to wash the dog. According to this information, we do thorough research and get some points and factors that should be considered if you need to wash a dog more than once a month.


Can I give the same shampoo on puppies and older dog?

Most people think they can use the same shampoo on a puppy as same as an adult dog to bathe? Actually, that’s not right! because every puppy has a delicate skins type which is softer compared to an adult dog. it means that puppies need a special shampoo which is milder and the best one is a natural organic shampoo. you can find here about the best shampoo for a puppy.

However, it doesn’t mean that older dogs can’t get the mild shampoo as well, it depends on what type of their skins, breed, and type of coat and fur. for normal dog skin, you can use a shampoo that is already sold in the market. but if your dog has a special skin, sensitive, or itchy skin you need to consult your veterinarian about your dog skin and find what is the best shampoo for your furbaby.

Human shampoo on dog

Do not use human shampoo on a dog! Take a look at this article to discuss in more detail about using a human shampoo on a dog. We recommend using the right shampoo which is specifically a dog shampoo, not human shampoo. Although the use of human shampoo does not cause irritation or no evidence about it, but it should be better to use and provide your dog needs appropriately and effectively

Thorough Inspection

Inspection thoroughly your dog (ask yourself, ‘how often do you bathe your dog? / How familiar you get to know your dog “) This is important because bathing / shampooing a dog is an inspection of the entire body of your dog. Because you will find various things you will find on the back of the fur, especially ticks, ruffled feathers, dead skin or layer of dry skin, sores, or dirt in the ear, nose, or eyes)

Preparation and how to wash a dog

How to bathe a dog? Here is a tool that needs to be prepared before shampooing, Prepare the equipment you need to first like; warm water, cotton buds, comb, and of course the right shampoo, toothbrush Towel, brushes, combs, hair, cotton bud, dog shampoo or dog shampoo.

Introducing water prior to the puppy, this is the best way to bathe a dog. Because, generally a puppy or an older dog for the first time for a shower would be shocked, scared and reluctant to deal directly with water (especially cold water), but not all the dog will act like this, there are some of those who like to play with water.The best advice is to start introducing shampoo when you furbaby age of 12 weeks or 3 months.


Tips How to Wash your dog

Introducing with warm water so that he will feel comfortable that he was not surprised or flee when looking at the water, then slowly run off his feet and then began to rise through to the entire body to get wet, at first he might be trying to get away and escape, but in 2-3 times he will get used to it. It’s the best start to introduce it since he was a puppy.

Never using human shampoo, always Using a dog or puppy shampoo its the best way and correct to cleanse thoroughly and also according to the needs of your dog, especially to remove dead fur.

So How often do you wash a dog? and do you need a long time when washing the dog? pay attention to check the cleanliness of your dog by checking ears, and brush her teeth to keep them healthy and well.

Back on the topic, How Often do you wash a dog? The best answer and in accordance with the recommendations of various sources, shampooing a puppy or dog no more than once a month no more or less!!

But, this is not the exact thing! It depends with the breed , coat, skin , dogs are unique so, every dog has different way to treat well.



As described above about ‘how often do you wash a dog ?’, Shampooing a dog with normal skin should be done once a month if you think your dog need to wash more than once a month, consult your veterinarian for the correct answer. Always use a dog shampoo, not human shampoo, better leave in accordance with their needs and it will be more effective and efficient. inspection through the entire body of your dog while shampooing and clean the dead fur and shedding coat.

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