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How to Crate Train a puppy when you work

How to Crate train a puppy when you work, it is a common question, and often come to mind for owners or dog lovers, when they have to go to work. A feeling which shows the relationship between you and your pet dog. usually for people who have just had a puppy for the first time will face this situation, feel uneasy when having to leave their beloved puppy home alone. then you will think what needs to be prepared if you have to work and leaving your puppy. Then, how to crate train a puppy when you work, shopping, or even when your puppy crying and whining , to remain in his dog crate while you go?


First, are you working all day? or you have more time with your dog? Before owning a dog, you should think first and consider how to take care of a puppy. Even you should know how to take care a puppy when it still ages 1-2 months. you have to think about the right home for your dog, what size dog house that is most suitable, not too small or too large that does not leave a large space is not required.

For those of you who have a little more time attention to play with your dog, then congratulations I think your puppy will be more easily trained to crate training or potty training. However, for those of you that most of your time every day is the workers who have to work 8 hours a day or even more then do not worry, I will give some tips to help you about how to crate train a puppy when you work , when pup cry and whining, and when pup sleep at night.


how to crate train a puppy when you work


A puppy is like a baby, it needs more attention to care, to train , and to play with. Then, how to crate train a puppy when you work or nobody is in the house while you must be left your puppy alone. before you can do that, I remind again that caring a dog is need more special attention, especially for puppies. They will be more difficult to be trained because a puppy is a baby dog, a baby is always want to play and play and play so you need more patient to train them and sure it’s very fun.

Never force your puppy, or he will be frightened and will even cry and whine all day which instead will be the next problem for you. Make the rewards and that’s the key repeatedly do also need extra patience to do so. The first invited him to play around crate so he can recognize and feel comfortable playing around his new home. But before that, as already explained in this post, have you chosen the right dog crate sizes? if not try to check in advance which are the most appropriate for your puppy.

Lack of knowledge or misinformation about how to crate train a puppy when you work, or when you should go out and leave the pup alone at home actually be bad for you and your pup. For example forcing your dog into the crate and locked for some time only made him restless scared and sad, of course, this makes the emotions and behavior of your dog become not good. it is not fair to let your puppy locked in a long time interval, for example of 4-5 hours in his crate, whereas you just open the crate and only play with your pup when you want it.

how to crate train a puppy when you work


Make a schedule preferably for a time to play with your dog. Again, do not force him to go into the crate, the purpose is to make him go there by himself. let the door is always open so he does not feel imprisoned. Especially for puppies, it needed special attention when beginning to teach him to recognize and adapt to his new home, how would you do that? As I said before the puppy was always like playing, then you can create a game that could make him happy and when your dog doing your command give a reward for your puppy, give him a little snack.


It’s like when you are going to teach some basic commands to train your dog to “sit“. take your puppy to play around the crate, accompanied and instructed him to get into the crate, using the word in order to remember again and always use repeatedly as an example “Crate go!“. a sort of command that should be remembered by your puppy so he went into the dog crate. first, you can try to give a little food around the front door dog crate, then try to start giving some food into the dog crate so that he began to get into the dog crate and do this over and over again until he could lie down and play in the crate. every time you give a command “Crate go!” and he began to do exactly as you command, give the reward by giving him a treat or food he likes, so he will be happy and instincts will learn what should be done or not, do repeatedly until your puppy get used to playing and comfortable in the crate.


How to crate train a puppy when you work

Remember, if you always use the same command word “Crate go!” and your dog getting used to it, then he began to understand. always repeated again that he really understood and properly trained on your orders, and always give rewards such as treat or food if it performs well at your command. The Next step is raising the tempo of time to let your puppy stay in the crate, so he is familiar, enjoys and more comfortable with his House.

How long interval of time it takes to train your dog? Depending on the speed of comprehension, intelligence and obedience your dog to do the training, can not be ascertained time because every dog has a different character. And how to increase the time when your puppy is inside the crate? Do it gradually, first time about 2 minutes when he goes into the crate, then give a gift by feeding him in the crate. Then, do it again but increase the time after 5 minutes in the crate then you give a gift, do it consistently until the time he would be very convenient to stay in the house for a long time one hour, 3 hours or even up to half a day. Then, you can move to another step ‘shut the door’.However, if you do it and successful then the question ‘how to crate train a puppy when you work’ won’t comes up again in your mind.

how to crate train a puppy when you work


If your puppy been able to carry out your orders well and you can start to close the door, as usual, first time always accompany him and if he doing well give a reward. And repeatedly doing this and raising the tempo maybe first time close the door 5 minute then open give a reward, raise the tempo until he can stay there for an hour and more. when your dog can stay in the crate for over an hour then you are succeed, now he feel secure, safe  and comfort at home and now you can feel free when you have to go out and leave your dog alone in the house, but certainly not in a long time, ideally no more than 2 hours


how to crate train a puppy when you work

Never open the door of the crate when he cries or whines. Ignore him and some time after he quit whining try to see him take playback, check the cause of whining whether it’s food or a place he had to pee and poop that is too wet / dirty. practicing while playing and do repeatedly until your pup well trained and as always provide rewards for him to be easy to understand the purpose of your command and it will make it easier for your puppy to remember what to do.

I think if you have success by doing tips above, you can answer all of this question how to crate train a puppy when you work ? or when you have to go out for a long time? how long your puppy inside the crate? But, the important thing is hopefully those tips can be useful to help you. And again, tips above are some of the simple ways that often do dog owners about how to crate train a puppy when you work. How about you if you do the above tips this way or maybe there are other tips can you share with our readers?


Of course, it takes extra patience and time how to crate train a puppy when you work or when you have to go out and leave the pup alone at home. however, when your dog has begun to understand and be familiar with your command then you have successfully trained him. You have reached your goal to make your dog feel safe, comfortable, and highly trained in crate training. It is a remarkable thing, a great feeling of success that can not be paid with money.

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