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How to kennel train a Puppy

How to Kennel Train a Puppy or crate train a puppy is one part of the several training for dogs. This article is about the basic training how to kennel train a puppy so she can understand your command and do what you want. There are a lot of articles about dog training you should know, here is some of them :

Thing you should know about how to kennel train a puppy :

This article was created with the purpose of providing information for dog owners who want to start their training. But you should know, some important factors that must be considered in the training of the dog crate :

Factors to consider in how to crate train a puppy:

  • AGE

If you are planning to adopt a puppy, you should ask how old she was, because you have to have the plan to train your dog since he was a puppy. Generally, dog training started since she was 8 weeks old.

Just like small children, dogs younger than 8 weeks is the age of the baby. they have a mindset that is unpredictable, they do something just by instinct, what he thought to be directly done, without any consideration. If her instinct says to run and then she will run wherever she wants. Or if her instinct to bite then she will look for objects around her to bite or chew. That is why dogs under 8 weeks old are difficult to train.

  • Separation Anxiety

Fears of separation, especially the separation from its parent is the primary concern in adopting a puppy. Usually, this is happening in puppies younger than 8 weeks. The first thing you need to consider when you bring home a puppy is how you help her so that she can adapt to the new environment. A puppy generally would cry, and whine in a few weeks or months ahead.

Your job is to be a parent for her to pay more attention started since you brought her home. do many activities with your puppy, with whom she played, walking, running and providing the food that she liked so she could quickly adapt to the new environment.

  • Preparation for your pup

Before you adopt a dog, you should plan what she needs, such as what type of kennel will you prepare for your puppy, if you will give a wire crate or soft crate for her. other things such as dog food, bedding or blankets even cover crate to make her feel more secure and privacy when she is inside her new home, and where you will put the crate in your house, my suggestion not to put far from you, especially in this case is for the puppy she will look for her mother, for that you need to frequently was nearby so she’s not worried.

5 Simple Tips How to Kennel Train a Puppy 

Introducing her new Home

It is important to introduce a new home for your puppy, you need to plan and prepare before you adopt a puppy. The main point is that the house will be a special nest for her or as a safe, secure and comfortable place for your puppy.

How to introduce her new crate? do it slowly and without coercion, make her realized that a dog crate is a safe and comfortable home not as a place of punishment for her. The first step for your new puppy adoption, use a crate only as she slept at night. During the day you can play around the crate and then you can try to ask her slowly into the crate, do the game to draw attention to always direct your pup to the crate, you can try to distract her so she goes into the crate using dog toys, or giving food or treats inside the crate. when she stepped into the cage by herself give rewards in the form of treats or food for her.

Easy and Clear Words, Do not Shout

At first, it will be difficult for a puppy to ask her inside into the crate, but if you do it repeatedly over time training your dog will understand what the purpose of your command. for example, using the word KENNEL, “Buddy, go to KENNEL” do over and over and remember to never force, allow your dog to understand your orders by itself, and always use a clear tone but gentle and repetitive. Always give a reward every time she does what you tell it faster to understand the meaning of your command.

Using Dog Toys

Give her a toy that she likes, place far away from the door entrance of the crate. Then ask her to go into the cage using the same word “buddy go to the KENNEL“.Let her play in the cage and you have to accompany her on the side of the crate in a few minutes, then as always give the reward because she begins to understand your command.

Feed her inside crate

The best way and often succeed by providing some food or make a food line that leads to a kennel. Kennel doors must be in an open state so it’s easy to get in and out and place the bowl of food that she likes, and put inside the crate so easily she would go into the cage by her instincts without being forced. you can accompany her next kennel and must do so repeatedly, so it is faster to understand your goal is to put herself into the cage.

Leaving Her Alone

Your puppy has now made it into the crate by herself without being forced, and without any worry, it is a very good sign. Now you can proceed to the next process, that is after she entered into a crate and she will eat the food inside the crate , then you can try to leave her in the crate alone for about 3- 5 minutes, and leave the crate door open so that she can freely in and out of the cage. If your puppy can stay in there and remain there until you get back, congratulations she began comfortable in her new home.


Some of the tips above are as basic training about how to kennel train a puppy and the simple way to introducing new home for a newly adopted dog. You must do it repeatedly and patience that is the key to the success of this training. if these tips can be implemented properly then your puppy is ready to go to the next training processes such as obedience training, potty training, and advanced level training

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