Indestructible dog crate


Indestructible dog crate for destructive dog means a crates made with materials that are very strong and sturdy, usually it’s made of aluminium, or steel. Sometimes there is a dog that has a negative behavior some people call a destructive dog, do you know the cause? what is a destructive dog? it’s a negative behavior or bad habits of the dog when he felt bored, upset, scared, anxious, or when he became wary that her emotions began to rise. The behavior is different for each dog. The behavioral impact is not good for the development of your dog, as well as for your own, especially if the negative behavior that occurs in your pet dog as damaging your furniture, biting all sorts of objects that is around, out of control of his emotions. for more details on how to overcome the destructive behavior, especially if it happens to your dog, at Wiki-How explained how to handle the negative behavior.

Indestructible dog crate

Sometimes some of dogs have a bad behavior like Indestructible dog, what if your dog behave like that, like chewing, biting all the surrounding objects, the nature of the destroyer of all items in your home. Of course this can not be tolerated. find out the reason why your pet dog behave negatively, you should know your dog characters. There is always a reason he made it that way, maybe sometimes he got bored at home, much less social interact with people around, rarely out of the house This may be the reason why he was looking for something to do in order not to get bored at home. Then, he began to bite your sofa, or shoes or your dining chairs.

Crate training is very important but it must be done properly, it does not mean when he began to behave badly and then you put it into the indestructible dog crate as punishment. Remember, the purpose of crate is as comfortable and safe home for him like a bird’s nest for children made by its parent.

However, you must prepare the appropriate indestructible dog crate. Due to improper crate actually be harmful to your beloved dog. Imagine your dog has this bad behavior, they are usually have an extra energy, and when he’s bored he start to chewing everything around him, even a wire crate can be bitten until it bent or damaged, this is certainly dangerous for your dog, because it can hurt his teeth, gums and also claws if punctured wire fault. you should consider using a special indestructible dog crate for your dog.


So your dog does have such negative behavior? then you should learn the nature and your dog Characteristic. This problem can be overcome with proper training for your dog. How often do you invite him out of the house, walking around the house or even ask him to run. It is necessary for your dog, so he doesn’t get bored and start showing his negative behavior.

So, should I still have to buy a indestructible dog crate ? Yes. Of course, if your dog has become an adult and you just realize that your dog showing a bad behavior as I have explained above. The aim of using a dog crate is to provide a comfortable home, training discipline, potty training and also prevent accidents. However, if your dog is still a puppy, It’s the right time to train him so, he would not have a negative behavior, and you do not even need to use a Indestructible dog crate, just use ordinary materials such as wire crates or plastic.

However, proper training can prevent negative behaviors for your dog, as described in the wiki-how. Also, prepare the things needed for your dog as a toy to be bitten or chewed and should be made of sturdy material and secure.


In a previous post i recommend there are 3 best buy types of heavy duty dog crate or Indestructible dog crate that is already available in the market. Those type is the best buy products and designed specifically for the type of dog who has destructive behavior, also for a dog that has strong power and energetic.


Commonly, there are two types of Indestructible dog crate, it is the level 2 and level 3. The material used for Indestructible dog crate level 2 made of steel, is specifically designed for dogs with type destroyer, great energy and has the ability to escape from his cage. Level 2 strong heavy duty crate crate is made of steel in the frame section alone but part still using ordinary iron or wires. while level 3 indestructible dog crate is the most powerful. In fact, most manufacturers give their product names “guaranteed escaped dog crate”, meaning that your pet goes into here will not be out or escaped again unless you allow it. Typically used for this breed such as ; Great Dane, St.Bernard, Pit bull, Boxer, etc. Here’s my recommendation for heavy duty steel dog crate :

Level 2 Dog Crate

Pro-select Modular Dog Crate

Pro-Select Modular Cages are built with of heavy-duty steel on the frame. This is a double dog crate, stack able and each cage includes a removable divider panel that allows you to turn the full size cage into two half size cages, also connected by a modular cage connector that can be set as desired. Included as a level 2 dog crate because the frame is made of steel and modified with iron welded to the frame. Each cage also includes two floor grates and two plastic floor pans, so you can use and clean each side individually. Triple door latch for extra security and narrow grid floor grate for comfort and security

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indestructible dog crate

Level 3 Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Pro Select Empire Dog Crate

Heavy duty dog crate level 3 made entirely of steel. ¾ “Frames are made of 20-gauge and reinforced by ½” diameter steel tubes makes it very powerful but a bit heavy on weighing thats why it is equipped with wheels to facilitate you push it to be placed according to your wishes, available in sizes M-40 Inch, and L-42 Inch. Has two hooks locking so that your dog is safe and can not get out of the crate, unless you allow itindestructible dog crate.

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Smith Built Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Frame construction with a tube made entirely of steel, they are built with 3/4″ frame diameter (20 gauge) and a 1/2″ tube made of steel, each bar is welded to the frame to make it more sturdy and your pet safely inside , have a front door also you can open it from top and it is equipped with two latch on the front door and one in the top of crate. suitable for indoor or outdoor, a crate made of steel is quite heavy, so manufacturers add four wheels on his feet to facilitate you push it to the place you want.

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indestructible dog crate


Indestructible aluminum dog crate is another option that is worth considering, aluminum is one of the strong and sturdy material that is widely used by manufacturers manufacturer. Some examples that we often encounter such as car aluminum dog crate, dog crates are made of aluminum to transport dogs in trucks, also indoor or outdoor é aluminum dog crate like the example below:

indestructible dog crateImpact case collapsible crate

It is made by american made of high quality aluminum, ICC’s heavy-duty aluminum dog crate conveniently collapses to less than eight inches tall. Easy to setup , crate can be set up or taken down in seconds. Constructed of sturdy 0.063 aluminum makes this crate light as well as corrosion resistant. Some features comes with this crate :

•Marine grade slam latch and hardware provides optimal security for your pet•Latch automatically locks into place for a no hassle close •Increased airflow with larger vent holes and door openings •Composite corners offer impact protection and the ability to stack multiple crates •Rounded square vents for air flow and illusion of direct line of site causing less stress.

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The nature and destructive dog behavior can be overcome with proper exercise, but you must understand and be familiar with the nature and character of your dog. A negative behavior in dogs, especially this destructive nature can be overcome with practice compliance. Providing the appropriate dog crate and train will built the character of this dog , and it is the first step. Recommended Products above is available on amazon, to determine which are the most best of all, depends on your choice , style, and specification of the most suitable for your pet dog. I hope you can find the right choice. if there are any questions or about the indestructible dog crate you can speak them through a comment below, or you can share us about your experience, I’m happy to hear your thought.

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