Medium size dog crate

medium size dog crate

Medium size dog crate made specifically for medium-sized dogs, this breed is usually categorized to the size of the dog with size isn’t to small and not too big. what category the size of your dog ,whether it’s include in the medium sizes category? Here is a medium-sized breed of dog; Beagle, Mini Schnauzer, Cavalier King Charles, Scottish Sheep Dogs, etc. The weight of a medium dog size is usually average weighs between 24-40 pounds. As we know. choosing the right size crate is really important, because it will be good or bad, especially when training your dog. so, you should know first what size of your dog when they became an adult, then you can find the right crate for your dog. in this case we will research more deeply what is the most appropriate medium size dog crate for your dogs.

Medium dog size in the movie Lady and the Tramp

Are you a dog lovers? I’m sure you’ll liked this cartoon movie “Lady and the Tramp”, this film tells the story of a pet dog and a wild dog . One of the best and favorites movie for children, especially for dog lovers. I am not going to tell here about the movie, but what i wanna talk is about some of the dog character in the film are inspired by the type of medium size dog. let’s take an example, in that movie a character “Lady” is a pet dog that is very well maintained, beautiful, and cherished by her family. The cast of “lady” is inspired from a type of dog cavalier king spaniel. And ,there’s other medium size dog “miniature schnauzer” was inspired in the character “jock in Lady and the Tramp”. Here’s some of the picture ;

medium size dog crate


As we know a lot of types of dog crate sizes; extra small, medium, large, and even a giant crate size. Every different breed of dog, then the right size of his crate must suitable to the size of the dog. For example the right crate size for a chihuahuas is Extra Small size dog crate, or extra large size dog crate mostly appropriate for the rottweiler. Then how about the medium size dog crate ? Some type of dog that I have mentioned above that medium-sized dog is a dog with an average weight of 26 to 40 pounds.

Many products are available on the market, I have a guidance chart in these pages, usually for medium size is 30 inch dog crate with dimensions; 30’L x 24’H x 21’W. There’s so many kind of dog crates you can choose, some of dog crate sizes come with features single door, 2-door or three door. Depending on which type mostly suitable and appropriate for your dog.

medium size dog crate     medium size dog crate              

Single door ProSelect    Double door Midwest i-crate      3 door elite field Dog Crate

medium size dog crate

What material should be made for dog crate?

What is the best material for a medium size dog crate? This question will be a question for yourself, what is the purpose you buy a dog crate? Travel, kennel or cage, crate training, or a carrying bag that also allows you to bring your dog and her needs. Take a look for a specification materials used in the manufacture of the dog crate, then you can decide which functions are appropriate for your dog needs.


medium size dog crate

A dog crate is usually made of a soft material with durable quality, sometimes combines with water resistant and using lightweight steel frame. This lightweight soft crate allowed you to bring some accessories that needed for your dog, It’s more suitable for small dogs, but some people are using it on a medium dog size that can serve for a safe home for her or you can put it in the back seat of your car when you driving.


medium size dog crate

Made from high durable quality plastic and sturdy, most people buy them for a dog kennel as well as a means to travel using air travel. But if your objective is to take along your pet dog through the flight, you need to consider with the terms and conditions necessary to permit dog crate eligible flight.


medium size dog crate Wire Dog crate is the best buy and most people looking for, because it has several functions, as a home for your dog to rest and sleep at night, or can be used to put it in the trunk of your car or on backside of your truck. The best feature for this crate it is very easy to fold and does not require any other tool to setup.


medium size dog crate

A medium size dog crate made of steel materials more suitable for destructive dog, that if your dog has bad behavior like biting the cage, or if your dog has extra energy and sometimes hyper active may be a little difficult to train him to crate train obedience, then you have to prepare a sturdy crates. The most appropriate for this type of dog crates are made of steel.


medium size dog crate

Should I use a divider? If your dog is still a puppy, this certainly is a good opportunity to crate training, and also you should use the divider so that the size of the crate becomes fit with size of your puppy. Size that is too small will make your pup not move freely, it causing your dog’s difficult and reluctant to enter into his house. Vice versa, too large size or without using a divider will causing your dog to move freely, plenty of space for him to move sometimes he would whine, cry, or piss at home to get your attention. If this is happen you would fail to crate train your puppy.

Have you found a medium size dog crate that is most appropriate for your pet dog? you can check In this post , I recommended 3 best seller product that you should consider, hopefully it can help you to buy the right dog crate.

Your Thought

Determine the right size of your dog , then you can find the correct and appropriate dog crate sizes no less or no excess. for the type of a medium size dog or approximately dogs weighing approximately 26 to 40 pounds you can buy a crate that size 30 inch. but before that you have to think about what purpose you buy a medium size dog crate? Then specify the material most appropriate for your dog house. Well, the final word of this post let’s share or talk about medium size crate or if there are questions you can ask by commenting.

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