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Top 50 Pet Dog Blog Dogscabin Recommendation

top 50 pet dog blog

In this article, we showing blogs about dogs that we recommend to following. We know you often go to a lot of sites, but less informative. To find good sites about pet dogs, DOGSCABIN has done the research and we found a couple of blogs that very helpful and informative for you.

Below we present for our readers the Top 50 pet dog blog that we recommend for you to know.

Note: The blogs featured here are arranged in no particular order. all of those are great sites to follow


All of this blogs are most useful and very informative blogs about dogs you need to know, some of the blog owners or blogger are the expert on the job. they can give you many information, guidance and also tips on how to be a good dog parent, how to care your dogs, what to do and any problem that you would find daily.


top 50 pet blog

Adopt a pet is a site that we recommend to follow, it included n our list as top 50 pet dog blog. This is a blog about the type of dog breeds, and complete information on each dog you need to know before you choose to adopt the dog. Adopt a pet provides some information on how to adopt a dog, and what type of dog breed is best suited for you.

Posts are enjoyable to read, but they are also packed with valuable information. you can get involved to be part of the program ‘Adopt a pet’ by actively giving and sharing information on social media to help puppies and dogs homeless to find parents that are right for them. Or if you would like to help by donating to support the program


dog time

Looking for a breed of dog that suitable for you? Visit DOGTIME to get interesting information about breeding dogs so you know which type of dog is right for you. DOGTIME is the site of a pet dog that is very popular and reach millions of visitors every month. One of the best sites included as top 50 pet dog blog we recommend to follow.

You will find lots of interesting information on the blog because many dog lovers who also contribute in providing information tips, how to take care of dogs, and how to solve problems commonly faced dog owners.


top 50 pet dog blog

A blog that aims to sell their Dog treat products. Their products have a lot of interest from dog lovers and also get a high demand for their own products.

The article was written very informative and interesting for readers , lots of useful tips and guidance can be found. in addition, it presented with full theme photo or video that makes us more comfortable to know more information of each article.

One thing that is unique and very creative is that you can request to add a photo of your pet dog on the label on the product packaging. we think this is a creative idea to celebrate or perhaps give a birthday gift for your beloved dog.

AKC American Kennel Club

top 50 pet dog blog

AKC is American Kennel Club, an organization that provides facilities to adopt a puppy. AKC is one of the best top ranking blog pet dogs. We put it in the top 50 pet dog blog we recommend for you to follow. On this site, you can find information about various types of dogs and also you can involve in the club and community of dog lovers

Need help deciding which dog breed is best for you? go to the AKC website, you can choose the right type for you to be adopted, and don’t forget to register dogs online through the AKC site. You will find a lot of important information about the dogs that have been provided by the AKC to know like how to be the best parents and responsible for your furbaby.


top 50 pet dog blog

Alfie’s blog, tells the story of a dog called Alfie, a kind of breed Entlebucher mountain dog. Do you have an Entlebucher mountain dog too? well, come and visit the site to know more tips and advice from the expert pet care and found out the things you should know more about Entlebucher mountain dog. And of course, you will know more about Alfie Lifestyle , how to train and play the game together with Alfie.


top 50 pet dog blog

All thing dog blog is a blog with full of information aimed at helping readers and dog lovers, to giving some of tips, ideas, and inspiration for making your “life with dog” Easier and more enjoyable. Their Purpose is helping dog owners to solve problems and prevent new ones

Lots of tips and instructions that given by Carrie Boyko in handling and care of dogs, she also recommends a more healthy life by providing healthy food for your beloved dogs that is an organic food, also you will find great reviews products especially for kind of dog toys that is right for your pet dog.


Top 50 pet dog blog

Created in 2009, Sidewalk Dog is the # 1 resource for Minnesota dog lovers. If you are live around Minnesota area, please visit this site if you are interested in adopting a dog, getting an update information about dog events at Minnesota, dog park, even if you are a dog owner who wants to participate and contributes to the dog story you can share , then you can contact Sidewalk dog to story tell of your pet dog.


top 50 pet dog blog

Ammo the dachshund not only interesting and informative blog; as well as lifestyle blog about dog breed dachshund. we add it to a top 50 pet dog blog who deserves to be read. This site informs Ammo’s lifestyle as dachshund dog who live in a city Pennsylvania.

Do you want to know more details about the types dachshund? then you can go to the site to find out, this blog is easy to read and designed for readers, full of information and you can view photographs of the lifestyle of Ammo the dachshund. This blog has an excellent reputation as a pet dog blogs by getting many awards from a variety of sources.


top 50 pet dog blog

Barkpost is a media in the form of a website that tells about dogs. Barkpost packed in an incredible story about each dog which will be shared to you. Starting from the rescue dog, how to take care of, and you can find various tips are written in language that is easy to read.

They are a team of dog lovers remarkable and worth a visit. A story about the dog and the story of his life would be interesting to read, studied and understood so that you can understand how the dog world through their life stories in Barkpost.


top 50 pet dog blog

A blog site from a website about pet care , this blog contains important information about dog care. You can find information about the behavior of your dog, how to train the dog and take care of him. Blog with an easy and readable articles, and recommended for you dog lovers.


blog paws

Blogpaws is a community site that brings together lovers of dogs, rescue dogs, pet bloggers, pet dog parents. This site invites all dog lovers to contribute and share information, mutual help in the development of individual sites, tips on pet care, dog training, or rescue dogs.

The mission of this site as a community that brings together experts and beginners to help each other and mutually beneficial cooperation for development in everything related to dogs.


top 50 pet dog blogs

Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology is one of the oldest and largest veterinary technician schools in the United States, Since 1971. If you have the desire to become a veterinarian, learn more about Bel-Rea and browse through the site. Bel-rea offer training as a veterinarian within a period of 2 years, trained by professionals, backed with adequate facilities, great career and an extensive network can lead you to opportunity to get a job in hospitals, laboratories, zoos, and most importantly you are surrounded by animals, its your desire as an animal lover and a veterinarian.

Bell-rea blog articles written in a unique, educational, and creative, a lot of benefits and information that is easily accepted for dog lovers like me and you. This site will educate you and inspire you about everything dog-related and lifestyle.


canine journal

Canine Journal is one of the top ranking sites that is very informative and valuable for dog lovers. Canine journal provides the most accurate and important information needed for those of you who care about the dog, pet insurance, dog health, dog training, and you can find helpful tips on how to caring your dog.

Even for those of you who are just starting to become dog parents, then you can look for more detailed information about dog breed and other things you should know before deciding which dog for you to be adopted.


celebrity dachsund

Is there a dog that is quite popular and being a celebrity? Yes, Crusoe is the answer. On its website the ‘celebrity dachshund’, as one of the best top 50 pet dog blogs, you can found about dog lifestyle, experience, and the life of a dog named ‘Crusoe’ which is a kind of dachshund dog breed. Crusoe is very popular in a variety of media, one of them through his book in the ‘new york time best seller book’

Crusoe as a celebrity dog dachshund he shared about his life and had a lot of press conferences in the media as a popular dog. even though, you will find interesting about Crusoe and his lifestyle and what his activity as a pilot, traveler, doctor, and also Chef all told in celebrity dachshund website.


top 50 pet dog blogs

Who does not know Cesar Millan? With his reputation as a famous dog trainer, speaker, television artist, everything must be related to the dog. When you have problems with your dog’s behavior and it makes you worry, then ask Cesar, he would know the answer.

His website is top ranking is included in our list as the top 50 pet dog blogs that many people visit, the issues of dog behavior, dog training and tips and information about caring for a dog presented in an article in a language that is simple and readable, and we believe it is useful for you.


champion of my heart

Champion of MyHeart is a lifestyle blog two dogs named clover and tori, they are kind of border collies. But before that, there was Lily as the first dog belonging to Roxanne, but Lily suffered sickness from a terrible vaccine-induced brain inflammation, Roxanne loss can be solved with the arrival of clover and tori. Both of these dogs that help eliminate grief lily.

As a top 50 pet dog blog, Champion of my heart tells a new story about the life story of the border collie dog. The authors ‘Roxanne’ is a professional writer, journalist, and blogger who has a reputation for a variety of awards, you should refer to this blog and learn how your Roxanne give tips and guidance in caring border collie


Top 50 pet dog blog

DOG GUIDE is intended to provide information about the type of dog breeds and relevance information about a dog that is very important to find the right dog for the family. They provide guidance in selecting a dog focuses on the characteristics of each type of dogs by the most important of this criteria : dog personality, skills, energy levels, color, exercise requirements, living conditions, health, life expectancy and size.

Most dog lovers who came to adopting a dog by seeing only the physical form of the dog, without considering the above criteria, but it is important to note for you as a guide dog to be a parent. Also, you can browse the site to get much important information as the basis for choosing the right dog, and you need to know how to care a dog, training, and be a good parent for your dog.


Dog for Dog

DOG for DOG is a mission-based dog food and treat company that donates a bag of its natural and nutritious Dog Food to a dog in need with each purchase. If you want to donate and help their mission in rescue dogs visit their website and buy a bag of dog food ‘dogfordog’.

Their mission is to feed dogs in need. they have been able to donate thousands and thousands of pounds of food to dogs in need. DOGFORDOG is one of the top 50 pet dog blog which also provides a lot of information and articles are very helpful for dog lovers and dog owners you should read and follow.


dog id

Has your dog had its own Identity? Do you ever wonder and worry if your dog is missing? Pet id can help your dog has his own identity, it is very helpful if these concerns occur. Clint and Lori Howitz is the founder DOGIDS, initially they aim to provide the best product for their family dog, River. Then they decided to create their own products and became a specialist in pet ID for dogs.

DOGIDS is the right site if you need to personalize your dog. One small thing that probably you will not see even ignored for some people, but it is important when needed. Although they specialize in Dog id tag and Dog Collar, they also provide a varies dog products such as healthcare products and a dog bed that can be found on the website. Their products are not just for dogs, its also asked to make a tag id in a horse saddle.


dog milk

Jaime Derringer is the founder of the dog-milk. This site looks like an e-commerce style website showing variations goods for dogs. However, DOG MILK is a free informational site that helps dog lovers find the goods needed for a pet dog that will be directed to other sites through this site.

While posts are light and easy to read, they are packed with information. DOG MILK included in the category of top 50 pet dog blogs that we recommend to follow. Article presented a very readable and also full of interesting information. Various product review, and also DIY tips which you can get in this website is very useful for you dog lovers.


dog star daily

How is your dog training? whether your pet dog’s behavior is appropriate and your dog is well trained? DOG STAR DAILY as a pet dog site are the top 50 pet dog blog that provide an explanation of training dogs since she was a puppy. Need more information about dog training, we recommend you check this site.

Discover a variety of tips and how to train your dog since you adopted it since she was a puppy. How to train their behavior to obey you start from a basic way, how to train a puppy and shape their behavior to comply with your orders. Also tips on training for adult dogs.


dog tipper

Paris Permenter and John Bigley, a husband-wife team of professional writers. Who has authored 33 pet and travel books, is a founder of DOG TIPPER. This blog contains the article is informative and also tell the lifestyle of their beloved dogs Irie and Tiki.

They give you Guidance to care of pets, especially dogs based on their experience as dog parents. Lots of tips, product reviews, as well as information that would have been very useful for you who love to travel, you can learn the tips and guidance given from them how to prepare things and you need to know for travelling with dog.


doggie buddy

Another blog you should visit is DOGGIE BUDDY, its a web blogs that you need to know. we recommend for dog lovers to visit the site and you will get a lot of information about dog training, tips and especially guidance in training a puppy. The article is easily and comfortable to read, you can also be active in social media via twitter or facebook to find out more info provided doggiebuddy



DOGSTER is a community website that ask many dog lovers to join with, many dog issues and common problem-solving given by the articles. DOGSTER is very interesting sites, as well as communities and forums about dog problems facing daily for dog owners, and discover how the trick in treating or train your dog, a gathering place and share interesting ideas via the website


entirely pets blog

Base on design as an e-commerce site, but ENTIRELY PETS have a lot of interesting information that you can find to learn. This site offers a wide range of product choices that are good for your dog. Tips, review and you can learn how to care for different types of pets like dogs and cats

For dog lovers can contribute to visit the site and join and give ideas or information that you provide to the user so that it can help other dog lovers and dog owners who need the tips and tools they need to take care of dogs.


top 50 pet dog blogs

Magazine-Blog with useful and up to date in reporting about fido information for the reader. FIDO FRIENDLY give the feel of a complex and informative tips and guidance for dog lovers. Included in the list of the top 50 pet dog blog that we recommend, this blog gives you many reviews product, issues about the health of the dog, and also communities that have the motto not leave your dog at home because he is part of the family.

For those of you who love to travel and don’t want to leave your dog alone at home, they give you tips how to traveling with your dog. Many recommend place and hotel destinations, and also a guidance map of directions for those of you who want to try a new atmosphere. subscribe to stay updated on news about the dogs, upgrade your knowledge of issues or tips about dogs, you might even find an answer to the problem of dog that you may encounter every day.


fidose of reality

Carol Bryant as Founder of FIDOSE OF REALITY is a writer-blogger about dogs who are very professional, she is the speaker in many seminars about dogs, and also famous on the radio channel. Fidose of reality have a special institution Wigglebutt Warriors® the fundraising arm of Fidose of Reality.that aims to provide home and the right parents for a dog have been neglected or abused.

As Carol said, Fidose of Reality, a canine-centric online magazine dog blog and have Contributed to numerous pet publications, Including Hamptons Pet, FIDO Friendly, Dogster, Pet360, and BlogPaws. The reputation Fidose of reality give a credit as top 50 pet dog blog that we recommend to follow


top 50 pet dog blog

The focus and mission of the Good dogs & co are as a medium for online community for lovers and dog owners of modern, ie modern dog is a lifestyle dog more modernization, they believe the dog is a part of life and as a member of the family is no longer just as a pet.

Good dogs & co provides important information dlaam care, dog training, dog behavior and how to deal with in their daily lives as a modern lifestyle. And some of the articles they provide reviews are quite detailed and very informative as recommendations for the needs of modern dogs is important to be owned


go pet friendly

Amy and Rod Burkert is the founder gopetfriendly, this site provides information interesting and important for those of you who like traveling with your pet, especially dogs.

It’s a very interesting story about their meeting with their pet dog Ty and Buster until eventually sparked an idea to create a website that provides information for anyone who wants to travel but needs information where the hotel can receive a furry guests to participate with you, even they give you much information about veterinarian and also  dog daycare is recommended if you have to travel and need to leave your pet dog.



As the owner of the site irresistiblepets, Aimee gives great tips and guidance in her articles that are unique and creative. You can find articles on DIY; treat, clothing, toys all made with a unique design idea and very creative. We love to read every post which she shared, was very interesting to read.

Also, this site tells Aimee beloved dog, kind of chihuahua breed dog named ‘Chuy’ very cute and adorable dog. you can see how the creative Aimee provide Chuy needs with the creation and her own very original idea, which may give an inspiration for you


keep the tail waggig

Kimberly Gauthier, a professional dog blogger who gives the best clues for you. Want to keep your dog’s health? Try nutrition and healthy raw food that you can serve to your dog, Kimberly featuring articles with simple language and easy to read. Her site as a top 50 pet dog blog we recommended to follow, read and you can learn many unique ideas and tips that you can get from Kimberly.

She likes to give the dogs raw food , and it’s better than dog food by manufacturers because it provides more benefits for dogs, based on her experience that has proven very useful raw food for dogs that can help in healing allergies, ear infections, and some problems issues for dogs.



Kurgo is a family business company, Kitter & Gordie Spater is the successor to the business of their parents. Based on their experience and learn from their parents in developing the business, e-commerce Kurgo become increasingly popular for dog lovers. The products they offer very high quality and a lifetime guarantee.

Kurgo provides the best quality products that you can choose such as dog collars, leashes, toys, even outdor and traveling dog product you need to consider to buy.


top 50 pet dog log

Lovethatet is the site from australia whose purpose to provide the best and proper requirements for your pet dog, lovethatpet used as a medium to give a product review information, dog training, dog care, especially care for small dogs.

You can take an information from their expert team that will give you the best information and instructions, all the tips are educative and informative especially about dog grooming, exercise, feeding, even how important to caring dog health for your dog.


lazy pitbull

The Lazy Pitbull is a website that stands since 2012 and has received awards from many media, Christina as pet bloggers, pet lifestyle and certainly as dog lovers have a great vision to help the blogger also supports the pit bull rescue mission by volunteering with her local humane society.

You can find a variety of tips, reviews of products, brands and a treat for your pet dog, mostly very informative and helpful article you’ll enjoy at The Lazy Pit Bull



For all lovers of a bulldog, bulldog owner, or anyone who wants to know about a bulldog, you can follow news updates about the famous bulldog in their social media Manny, Frank, Leila, Sir Charles Barkley, Cooper, Bear, Jossie, Frederick. On their website Manny frenchie, is an e-commerce site that sells everything needed to handle the dog pitbull.

In addition to providing the sale of goods turned out they were active in sharing, help in donating to some organization in America about rescue dogs, health problems, or availability of food for dogs. 


modern dog magazine

Moderndog magazine is a site-magazine about pet dogs, lifestyle , proper food for dogs, healthiness, all the article is very updated and provide adequate information for you to read and need to follow for every dog lovers.

Moderndogmagazine is one of top 50 pet dog blog is much preferred his fans, magazine articles design theme that keeps you interested and comfortable to read, the news is up to date on all the information on the dogs




All about Dog Needs, that is much sought after for dog lovers, they will provide all the needs is right for their pet dog. Muttropolis present as an online e-commerce store that displays an online store that is also informative in determining the precise needs of the dog.

Their first store in the Cedros Design District of Solana Beach, California in 2002 was the starting point of the idea Muttropolis. The idea was successfully poured as online media sales and be a resource for dog lovers to come together as a community and give ideas to find the right kind of dog for adoption by dog lovers, as well as a mission of rescue dogs.


oh my dog

Maggie Marton as the founder Ohmydog is an author, a dog lover, and is active in social media. Oh my dog is a site about the lifestyle of dogs belonging to maggie, besides that she also provides a variety of tips, DIY projects, which is useful for dog lovers

You can get to know and get more detailed information and how she trained her dog using clicker training method. In her book “ Clicker Dog Training: The Path to a Better Well-behaved Pup “



Do you have a car-sick dog or trauma about it? Well, you must go here to found out tips , medication, or you can consult with her about how to solve your problem, and the one who expert on it is veterinarian Jessica Vogelsang, or we call her “Dr.V”

His reputation as a veterinarian are well known in the online media and offline, he is a speaker, journalist and many other reputations that you can found in PAWCURIOUS. Dr.V realize many parents are overwhelmed in their lives, especially when they have to take responsibility for their children and a pet dog in the same house. That’s why she is committed to providing guidance and to be solutions so that parents can be responsible and provide needs for their families


pet guide

Amy Tokic as editor petguide, a blog about pets like dogs cats, fish, birds, all related as a pets home, PetGuide is dedicated to giving you all the information you need to make sure your pet live a long life, healthy and happy. the information displayed in each of articles are easily understandable and readable.

Petguide also present as a medium for displaying a voice for dogs and cats to help and support the animal rescues mission especially for dog and cat, and provide a proper home for them.



PetFinder is an online site that has a database of pets who are members of various organizations accross United states, canada and mexico. The Purpose is to allow everyone to easily find the right pet for them through this site from their computer at home can find a pet easily to adopt. Also supporting the mission of saving animals and provide adequate housing for homeless animals


pets best

Health insurance for your pet is “Pets best”. An insurance company about your beloved pet such as a dog, or cat. If you care about the life and health not only for yourself but also for your pet dog then the insurance is the right choice as a concern you.

We will never know what the future will happen! It is a certainty, that’s what insurance is present not only for humans but for pets. In this case, Pets best provide health care insurance for your pet dog, they provide quality service in the fast claim payment for the convenience of its customers.


prety fluffy

A Beautiful design Pet Dog Blog, we love the display, foto, articles and everything in Pretty fluffy sites. Serena Faber Nelson, the founder of pretty fluffy, she is a producer tv, dog owner, and fluffy lover the sites design very nice and awesome.

We also encourage you to visit and find out more tips and guides that can inspire you. Articles are written very imaginative with many features photos of cute dogs were amazing and also useful for me and you. You can find interesting articles like how to make a healthy treat for your beloved dog, instructions on how to train your dog.



Rover is a site that provides search service dog sitter, while you have to go out of the house, or office work assignments to leave your dog alone or in everyday situations you work full-time while you have a dog or a pet at home need to supervised.

Someone like a dog sitter who can help supervise, maintain, invite your dog to walk to the park and do the exercises with your dog is very important to be in trust not only for you but also your dog .However, you need to visit ROVER blog that provides tips and tricks that are very useful for every dog lovers. Rover provides some information about dog breeds, healthiness, or dog training.


Top 50 pet dog blog

For those of you who were around the Seattle area, you need to visit this site, Seattle Dog Spot the place online community for dog lovers. Subscribe and you are always up to date with many dog events around Seattle area, or you can help dog owners who lost their pet dog by sharing information about their missing dog that might help to find it.

As a Top 50 pet dog blog we recommend to follow, Seattle Dog Spot have a mission to be an entertaining, opinionated, thoughtful, creative, fun, engaging, unique, innovative, helpful, and locally focused source of information about all things dog in and around Seattle.


top 50 pet dog blog

SLimDoggy, had a primary purpose to support a healthy lifestyle for pet dogs, their motto is Food, Fitness, and Fun for pets. They contribute as a brand that supports charity organizations to solve the problem of obesity in pets.

In accordance with the goals and focus on supporting healthy lifestyles, Steve as a founder of Slim Doggy also adopt a healthier lifestyle in physical activities such as running, sport, of course, along with his loyal dog that always accompany him, so they always fit and healthy.

As their vision of a healthy lifestyle for pet dogs, you will find information that is informative and useful tips on healthy food for your dog, exercise and training, and everything to do with a healthy and fit, especially for your beloved dog.


sugar golden retriever

SUGAR The Golden Retriever is a blog to share about the life of ‘SUGAR’ and his adventures, she is the kind of golden retriever breed dogs. Rosalyn is a dog owner, cooking lover, writer, and also she is the author of Sugar in the life story of a golden retriever.

In addition to being a parent and scriptwriter, Rosalyn also very talented to cook a treat for sugar. You can learn some tips and tricks from Rosalyn about how to make healthy treat / food for dogs, and she is very creative and resourceful in DIY projects like the dog collar is made of duct tape, create a pillow for Sugar, and many more tips you will get and admire her unique and creative ideas that will inspire you


Top 50 Pet dog blog

ThatPetBlog is a site that discusses the various types of pets are feasible for you to learn. Excellent information displayed in each article, you get many tips and useful information about the kinds of dog breeds, dog training as an assistant dog, or train to be a police dog, as well as how to choose foods that are healthy for the health of your pet dog

Every dog behavior, habits and how to handle your dog are written in the article with interesting and easy to read. That’s why  Thatpetblog included in our list of the top 50 pet dog blog that we recommend you follow.



Trupanion, a pet insurance blog to educate people how important insurance is for their beloved dog. Darryl Rawlings is the founder of Trupanion, With the team he had a mission to provide information that is meant to guide dog lovers to make a pet dog can live longer, healthier and happier with you.

Not only that, all of the articles are also interesting to note, unique, and you will certainly get a lot of inspiration from it because that is simple and easy to read and understand.


two cavalier

TWO Little cavaliers, this site is included in our list of top 50 pet dog blog that we recommend you to visit. This is a blog that tells the story of two gorgeous cavaliers breed, a thrilling story at the beginning time when Felissa started this blog about her beloved dog ‘Davinia’ that was attacked by a bad, mischievous and ferocious dog, interested to know the story? visit her website to know more. Then told also about Indiana another cavaliers dog breed who become part of the life of Felissa Elfenbein.

Davinia and Indiana, the mascots of this blog is told very well by Felissa Elfenbein. You can found a variety of beautiful photos of Davinia and Indiana with an interesting and informative posts by Felissa . This blog can give the feel feminine with pink elements. otherwise, it’s an interesting tips plus information about dog health, dog safety, good treats for dogs, also you will get an inspiration in a variety of DIY projects.


There’s so many products, information, tips and tricks that you can find through a search engine, but to find the right blog, or article that is easy to read with the presentation of a good article, as well as the most accurate and useful information for you, of course, will take time. For that, we provide a list of the top 50 pet dog blog above in order to help you get the right and helpful information you need.

And in the end, let me know what keeps you returning to your favorite pet dog blogs? What’s the most you need, please comment to help us be better to help and provide good service for you

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