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What can you put on dogs for dry skin

What can you put on dogs for dry skin or maybe he was scratching caused by something in his skin, whether your dog scratching due to dry skin, or because of the fungus, germs,  infections, allergies, fleas, and tick, or yeast? Here are some causes of dry skin in dogs

What Causes of dry skin in dogs :

Dry skin in dogs is usually marked by unusual behavior such as chewing his feet, often biting and scratching on the body, ears, neck, or thereabouts. However, you need to know is why he did that behavior

To find out what makes him scratching you should inspect and analyze your pup entirely. Here are several factors to consider what can cause dry skin on dogs :

  • Improper Shampoo

When you want to buy the best shampoo for your dog, read the labels more carefully in detail. especially if you choose the wrong shampoo that unsuitable for your dog skin.

Dog shampoo is specially formulated for dogs that have a balanced pH above 7, which means more alkaline according to dog skin type. whereas human shampoo is shampoo with a pH below 7, which means that contains more than the acidic shampoo for dogs.

  • Regularly shampooing your dog

Too often shampooing your dog can make your dog dry skin, also it can disappear natural oils on dog skin, it can lead to dry skin and irritation, as well as brushing a dog frequently can make your dog skin irritated

  • Allergies,

There are so many factors can cause allergies like what he normally eats, seasonal temperature changes, the temperature of hot or cold temperatures. even he can get allergies because using a product that doesn’t appropriate with his skin

How to solve dog dry skin problem

Inspection and find more detailed what causes it, how often he scratched, and the time when he usually more often scratched if only at night or only during the day, or even every minute he’s always scratching his body. if the cause is dry skin it is most likely will be minor scratches, not too intense

Brush your dog every time before you shampooing , No more than once a month to bathe your dog, and must use soap / shampoo that is suitable for your dog skin to cleanse and solve the problem, balancing pH balance dog skin, also maintain natural oil on dog skin.

What Can you put on dogs for dry skin :

  1. Coconut oil, Coconut oil is very useful for us, also for dogs. And the use of coconut oil can be mixed in food, or can also use coconut oil to smear the dog’s body aim to prevent and eliminate ticks on dogs.
  2. Neem oil, Neem oil is can use in dogs for wound healing and dry skin revitalization, The Azadirachtin substance derived from neem oil has been studied to fight insects, mosquitoes, lice, fungus, itchy skin, and accelerate
    Dry skin regeneration
  3. Vitamin E, like humans, vitamin E as an antioxidant to repair damaged skin cells, accelerating cell regeneration, you can give it to a dog through a mix of supplements to their diets.  Vitamin E is full moisturizing properties and will protect your dog’s skin from getting too dry. 
  4. Dog Dry Shampoo, shampoo for dogs are made specifically to deal with dry skin, improving the top layer of the epidermis of the skin and maintain the skin’s natural oils and pH dogs.
  5. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, Spraying apple cider vinegar directly on the skin of the dog is a strategy that can be used if the dog’s skin has become irritation due to scratching. use apple cider vinegar as a natural substance for removing bacteria and simultaneously adjust the pH of the skin


There are so many factors that can cause the dog dry skin, you must first examine any unusual behavior in your dog, such as scratching, biting, or chewing on a specific area. But if only caused by dry skin, then immediately take action to put on your dogs for dry skin to solve the problem soon so that you will not get another problem on your dog’s skin. Then what can you put on dogs for dry skin? you can try those 5 tips above to solve dry skin problem, and it is safe for your dog.

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