What to put in Dog Crate?

what to put in dog crate

What to put in dog crate and what should not be put in dog crate? it’s a simple question but so many pet owners confused about putting food or treat inside the crate are wrong or not. what do you think about this thing, can you put it inside the crate?

what to put in dog crate

                                               wht to put in dog crate                  

Let me give you an example, if you have a labrador, what do you think is the easiest way to train your labrador? According to the survey, most dog owners use the basic method in dog training, which is using the most preferred food for your lab.

So, can you put dog food inside dog crate? absolutely yes! and also it is one of the answers to determine what to put in dog crate.

Let us go back to my previous article on ‘dog crate placement‘. Where do you put your dog crate? inside or outside of your house? This will be an interconnected subject especially when you are crate training your dog, and what other things you can put in the dog crate.

First of all, you should determine the best place for your doghouse, how to train your dog for crate training, then what objects need to be prepared and may be placed into your dog crate.

Here are 5 things what to put in dog crate :


what to put in dog cratewhat to put in dog crate

As an example above, dog food is one of the most used things for dog owners to place it in a dog crate, but remember, always give it a dry food not wet do food, to make your dog bed clean and comfortable


Is it important to use dog crate cover? The answer depends on where you put your dog house. If you want to use a crate cover, then you should consider about how dark inside the crate. But, if you put your dog crate in your bedroom, I think it should be better not using crate cover.

So it can make your dog more comfortable, also for some dogs will even be reluctant to enter the crate because now the chest becomes dark and closed

whereas if you place a dog house outside the home that can interact directly with hot or cold weather, of course, it is very necessary using crate cover to protect your dog


You need to be more consider what to put in dog crate especially what is the right dog bed for a puppy, or an adult dog? surely they need a different type.

An adult dog’s intensity and destructive nature such as chewing all of the objects around will be very rare compared to puppies. because puppies always act according to their own instincts.

An incorrect placement of mattresses or Dog bed will be a problem in the future, if your dog chews on the mattress and if it chokes it will be a serious problem, then you should take him to the vet to solve the problem and this will be a huge additional cost to care your beloved dog.

Of course this will not happen if you already understand and consider what to put in dog crate and the right thing to give for your beloved dog


Warm blanket is very useful for dogs who have homes that are placed outside the house especially in the middle of the night and especially in winter. A warm blanket can keep your dog comfortable and not shivering


The drinking water bowl should not be placed in the crate, Sometimes this is the cause of bedwetting for puppies, your dog’s mattress and also your dog’s blanket gets wet. Also, stains on blankets or mattresses will be difficult to remove if not immediately cleaned. It is better to put a bowl of water outside of the dog crate, even slightly away from the location of your dog crate placement


For some dog owners, dog chewing toys is allowed to put inside the crate. But there are also some opinions that do not agree to put some of dog chew toys in the crate. Because there is a possibility, not only toys will be chewed, even mattresses and blankets can be chewed as toys.



what to put in dog crateCONCLUSION

The above is our suggestion, but the decision of choice is up to you. What can be put into your dog crate should be considered more carefully to make your dog remains safe and comfortable at s/he own house. then, what about you, have you considered what objects can be put into your dog crate?

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