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What to put in a dog crate

What to put in a dog crate during the day, night, or when you have to go away for a while or even a few hours?

what to put in a dog crate

Anything that can be placed in your dog house? a glimpse in the minds of pet parents is “Dog Food“, whether it’s a snack for a puppy or a bowl full of best dog food for your dog, as it is often used in crate training.

This article is intended for an adult dog, especially for a dog that has been trained to use crate training. You can find in this article about what to put in a puppy crate However, about anything that can be placed in a crate for an adult dog will be different with the things we provide for puppies.

For adult dogs, especially for a dog that is already trained with crate training will certainly be easier to determine what is good for him, which is allowed or not allowed and most importantly how to provide his needs that should have to be in his dog house

Before that, I recommend you to check out this article, Determine dog crate placement in your house. Try to ask yourself, where do you put your dog house? Have you determined the most appropriate place for your beloved dog?

This topic will be interconnected, especially when you will begin to train your dog in a crate training. Since the main factor is to train your dog such as the introduction of the dog house, potty training, housebreaking , obedience training, etc. Then, you can answer the question about what to put in a dog crate.

Here are some ideas what to put in a dog crate for an adult dog that has been trained properly.

What to put in a dog crate for adult dogs

1.Choosing the Right dog bedding

Let me remind you, what to put in a dog crate for puppies will be different needs for adult dogs, especially in this case for the dog that has been trained well. The nature of damaging or chewing objects around for adult dogs will be very sparse compared to a puppy.

Puppy will be more difficult to be directed at first because they act at will and pleasure by his instinct. However, with a proper training over time the puppy will be well-trained and obedient to your command.

It would be a problem in the future if you choose wrong selection of dog beds, dangers that may occur if your dog choked up as he chewed his bed, and it will certainly be a very serious problem and you should take him to the vet for a checkup, it means you need to incur additional costs of caring for your pet dog.

But this can be avoided if you know what your dog needs and provide the right dog bed, my recommendation for the best dog bed is a VETBED

2. Best chew dog toys

What dog toys you can give or put into a dog crate , especially when you have to put your dog in the crate for a few hours, when you have to leave the house or even for some people if they are working and have to leave their dogs at home alone (this is not suggested) I can recommend kong dog toys, You can give him kong toys that can put dog food or treat on it, so he can play kong Toys while chewing and trying to bite off food from the toy kong.

3.Can I feed him inside the crate?

Of course, you can feed your dog in a crate, and this is also the answer for ‘What to put in a dog crate?’ Food is the answer. The main purpose of crate training is to introduce his house so that he can feel comfortable and safe in their homes.

Give him a reward when your dog do your command, for example, when you ask him to “kennel”, and then he goes into the crate without coercion, give him a reward by giving a food that he like, this is one of the crate training technique

4.Should I put water in a crate?

Do I have to put water in a dog crate when I’m out of the house or can be placed inside the dog crate to make it easier for my dog when he was thirsty? The answer may be yes or no.

If you are very busy, and often leave your dog at home alone, should have to provide drinking water in a container or bowl of water and put it out of the crate adjacent to the doghouse.

but if you want the flexibility and your dog is a dog that has been trained properly then it will not be a problem if you put water in a dog with a stick on the inner wall of a crate. However, if you put water in a crate for a puppy or dog has not been trained, it can cause an accident because he might urination or bedwetting in his crate.

What to avoid inside the crate for adult dogs

Some items that should be avoided to put in a dog crate like a newspaper or a dog mat. A dog usually will do the will on instinct to urinate on the newspaper or dog mat. If you put it in a crate will make your dog house is dirty and smells bad, then your dog will be reluctant to enter the crate.

Do not put the rope or leash in a crate, although rare accident caused by a rope, but it’s better to avoid it than you should regret.

A puppy or an adult dog even if he is interested in playing rope either biting interesting sometimes the rope can convolve to the neck, when your dog panic he struggled then make the rope more tying around his neck, it’s very dangerous if it happens, the dog would wriggle but without any supervision or help from humans could result in death if it is choked by The rope.

Another thing you should avoid in your dog crate is sharp objects that may harm your dog. Imagine if there is a sharp object inside a crate your dog, especially if your dog is a type of hyperactive, too narrow room can make your dog movements endanger himself.

Does covering a dog crate help?

Whether it’s needed or not given crate cover? The answer depends on your dog needs and where you want to put your dog house. If you put it in your bedroom and then you give cover on his crate, for some of the dog will not going inside to his crate its correlation with the cause of separation anxiety.

When this happens you should open the crate without a cover so your dog can see around and look for you beside him. But, some of the other dogs would be more comfortable to give cover for his crate so it will make him warm especially in winter, and he can get more secure and private in his own house.

The other case if you put a doghouse outside the house that can interact directly with a hot or cold weather is certainly necessary cover to protect them.

For an example, when the winter season came, you have to prepare everything so that your dog is not cold. what to put in a dog crate in the winter season such as blankets, coverings, heating, and especially the placement of your dog crate.

You can look into some of my previous post home placement about dog, whatever is needed when cold weather hit, or vice versa when the weather is as hot as summer,


So based on the above article, you can find out what to put in a dog crate and also what to be avoided in the crate. these are just some ideas to assist you to find an easier way, however, you  are the parent of your dog, you should know what you can provide for your pet dog.

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