When can i give my puppy a bath

When can I give my puppy a bath? can I bathe a puppy I had just adopted? when is the right time to bathe my puppy? commonly, for new fur parents would ask this question because their puppy recently adopted smells bad, so they want to bathe puppies, but they are afraid of making mistakes when bathing puppies too early

There is no definitive answer when bathing puppies the most appropriate because it depends on the breed, coat, skin, and age of your puppy, we recommend that you ask your vet for the best answer. However, based on our research and study we found the best answer ‘when can I give my puppy a bath?’ is at the age of 3 months or 12 weeks.

Then, how about if my puppy hasn’t reached 12 weeks old ? you can clean up your puppy with a damp cloth and warm water, just to make his fur did not smell and keep it clean. Never use shampoo to stay his delicate skin remain natural with his natural oil on his body.

When can I give my puppy a bath for the first time?

As said above, when can I give my puppy a bath is when your puppy has reached 12 weeks old. It’s the best time to start bathing your puppy. here are some tips how to preparing your puppy to bathe for the first time, and some factors you should consider are;

  • Space Area,

Prepare sufficient space or a special place to bathe your puppy. For example, we usually bathing our little puppy above the sink, to facilitate when shampooing so he is not far from your reach when it turned about to go to escaping

  • Prevent any distraction,

This is important, but most people think it’s trivial !!! I take an example, when you heat / baking oven in the kitchen and then you forget, meanwhile you bathe your dog, but in the middle of bathing your dog, while your hands full of foam and also your dog is wet thoroughly with shampoo and then suddenly the alarm rings for your cake ripe. These little things can make a mess if you do not think of it before.

  • Tools you’ll need,

Prepare the items needed in the right place ;

when can i give my puppy a bath

A Rubber matt so that your hands do not need to hold your puppy when shampooing, your dog also does not slip when wet and slippery feet. matt can withstand your dog to stand still when you wash her with two hands so it can easily, quickly and effectively to shampoo your pet dog.



Warm water, never use cold water especially if it is the first bath time for your puppy, This will make her trauma, stress, and shock, then your Bath time will be a disaster for her because she will be nervous and struggled wildly.



a Soft Towel needs to be located close to you to make it easier to reach the affected eye when shampooing your puppy, although most puppy shampoo is tearless shampoo, to anticipate stress or nervous you better put that towel in an accessible place, at the same time allows you to dry her well. so the floor does not get wet.



Always choose the best puppy Shampoo, never use human shampoo, because shampoo for puppies is not specific to human shampoo. There are many whom I met the owner of the dog did not care about it, even they use baby shampoo to bathe her puppy because it is soft and fragrant, they thought that the delicate skins of her puppy are equal as a human skins-baby. Conditioner needed for a fluffy dog, Use conditioner especially for puppies with thick fur like chow chow, mastiff, etc.


when can i give my puppy a bathwhen can i give my puppy a bath
Use special dog comb designed to take lashes and brush out the dead coat layer. so your dog can quickly regrow new fur coat, this Furminator is a great comb and works well for our chowchow to take her dead fur and coat, and prevent tangled fur on your fluffy puppy.



How to bathe a puppy:

1.Brush with Special dog comb the whole body with a comb specifically for the dog ” we use Furminator “, it’s time to inspection for the whole of your puppy body. check out her coat and find out is there any scratch skin or fleas

2.Introducing warm water, avoid to directly shower her with a cold water so that your puppy is not shocked and keep her feel comfortable in the warmth of the water. Please remember! especially for the first time bathing, when you make a wrong introduction with a cold water it would be a bad mistake, stress, trauma or shock even make your puppy bath time to be a disaster every time you want to bathe her.

3.Dress preparation, not only your puppy you have to prepare yourself too, use an old shirt, to avoid the splashes of water or stain if your puppy turns often play mud, mud stains worried that will leave their mark on your shirt. tie your hair so as not to obstruct vision and ease your furbaby’s bath comfortably.

4.Try to use treats If needed, use the treat to facilitate puppy shower, first to encourage your puppy to come to the shower area and provide rewards in the form of treat, if she came alone so that she knew the shower area. Then, after a shower, while drying her fur coat and then you can give another treat for her behavior because she obeys your commands correctly.

5.Always keep her fluffy coat dry well. Mainly use the towels are soft and easy to absorb water. In order for your puppy comfortable and dry quickly, the purpose is to prevent your puppy shaking her head to remove water from the entire body. and you can use fur dryer to keep your dog fur dry and warm, but you must pay attention the distance when using fur dryer, especially if your dog has a thin skin.

6.Bath time is a fun time and the time of inspection. Routinely bathe your dog once a month and this is important! Create an atmosphere as comfortable as possible for your puppy so that each time taking a bath, she is ready and happy to obey your commands. Most importantly, do inspections all over her body if there are injuries due to scratching, avoid any type of flea perched on her body. make bath time into playtime, pleasure, and a pleasant experience


When can I give my puppy a bath? The best answer is when your puppy has reached the age of 3 months or 12 weeks. and the most important to bathe a puppy is the first bath time. prepare everything well and your dog will obey you and everything is perfect, doing wrong way for the first time to bathe the dog would be a disaster for the next bath time, your dog will run away every bath time. Take your time and plan, prepare everything well and make everything a pleasure and an enjoyable experience playing together with your puppy.


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